In order to defeat Barack Hussein Obama in November of 2012, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will need to garner support from as broad a base as possible, within the constraint of the fundamental moral and republican principles that lay at the root of our Republic and its constitution, upon which this Republic has thrived for well over 225 years.

As this list shows, in the most important election of our life time, where the failed big government, statist policies rooted in socialism and marxism represented by Barack Hussein Obama which are not only failing us, but destroying us, are pitted against the Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian constitutional republican principles of the Free Market, individual liberty, state's appears that Romney/Ryan is finding that support.

Look at this list and see how broad a spectrum they span and understand, that in today's world, with today's society, that span is necessary (again within those fundamental constraints) to decisively win and govern our nation.

List of Notable Endorsements for Romney/Ryan:

Sarah Palin
Rand Paul
Rick Santorum
Michelle Bachman
Herman Cain
Mitch McConnell
Darrell Issa
Mike Huckabee
John Bolton
Nancy Reagan
Jim Demint
John Lehman
Condoliza Rice
George Shultz
John Zununu
Geroge W. Bush
Bob McDonnell
Newt Gingrich
Rick Perry
Christine O'Donnell
Rudi Guliani
Dick Cheney
Nikki Hailey
John Mccain
Marco Rubio
Jeb Bush
John Portman
Paul Palenty
John Huntsman
Chris Christie

See the full list and their endorsement comments on the following page:

Critical Romney/Ryan Endorsements

The Romney/Ryan Vision of America

Romney/Ryan intend to cut Federal Regulations, cut Corporate and individual taxes, eliminate unnecessary and burdensome federal waste and programs (like ObamaCare), cut Federal Spending and Programs, reform necessary programs, embolden and allow private industry to rebuild the Free Market, stop using the Federal Government to abjectly interfere with and infrinfge on Institutions, Businesses amd individual's Free Speech and Religious convictions, established a blanced budget, put in place a plan to eliminate America's shameful and massive 16 trillion dollar debt, get out of the government ownership of large segments or corporations within the free market, support the Defense of Marriage Act, nominate strict constitutionalists to the bench in general and the Supreme Court in particular, ensure ISrael is defended and stop Iran's nuclear ambitions, bolsters America's military defenses, defend America's borders, stop extending citizen rights to criminals who have violated our soveriegnty, send illegal alines back home to get in line like everyone else for entry into this country, develop America's vast energy reserves including oil, gas, coal and nuclear, hold China and other foriegn governments to task for their unfair, government subsdidized trade and monetary polcieis,open up federal lands for energy exploration, move towards American energy independence, and re-emphasize the traditional moral values at the heart of our liberty and Constitutional Republic.

See all of the Romney/Ryan positions on the issues at the following site:

Mitt Romney on the Issues

These actions will create, in relative short order, a massive turn around in America's economic situation producing a literal hiring bonanza. Suc a turnaround will probably start with the enrgy sector, but extending from there. As with Reagan, the difference will be so marked as to lead to a complete laandslide election in 2016 as Americans vote for their own prosperity and freedoms which will so amply be on display at the end of the first four years of a Romney/Ryan administration.

Then imagine, after eight years of the same, another eight years under a Ryan administration advancing and strengthening the same principles and values and re-establishing that "Shinging City on a Hill," envisioned by Ronald Reagan.

The Obama/Biden Vision of America

Contrast this the Obama administration and its progressive/socialistic/marxistic policies of no budget (much less a balanced one), continuing/endless massive deficits and debt growing at a faster rate than any other administration (or two and three administrations combined) in history, 16 trillion dollars in current debt (enough if single dollars bills were stacked on top of each other to reach to the monn and back..TWICE!) - another 6 trillion the last four years by Obama alone, the destruction of the free market, massive failed stimulus plans where tax payer dollars were used to pay back crony supporters of the Obama administration, the longest and highest sustained un- and under-employment rate since the Great Depression, embarrasment abroad as American allies are pushed away and embarassed openluy while America's enemies have been out and out supported and even embraced, an absolutely porous national border, a debilitating energy policy that is intent and with a will driving whole sectors of American energy production out of business, the trampling of the rule of law by an executive who is literally over-riding congress and ruling by executive fiat (reference the DOMA, unilaterally granting legality to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, over-riding Welfare regulation established by Congress in law, etc., etc.), illegally running guns to Mexican Drug cartels in the hopes of more gun violence so new gun laws can be imposed and where American law enforcement agents have been killed by those guns and the whole thing sought to be covered up by the Attorney General and the President. See:

MURDERGATE: Eric Holder and Fast and Furious

Consider that more American are now on Welfare than ever in history, more American now live in poverty than ever in history, more Americans pay absolutely no tax for their own support than ever in history, more Americans are now under or un-employed and for a longer stretch of time than ever before in American history, more American businesses have moved off-shore to escape excessive regulation and tax than ever before in American history, the Corporate taxes in America are now the highest in the entire world. Then, consider the following list of disgraceful and dispicable "firsts" for any President in American history:

Obama's Tragic "Firsts" As President

Since there is absolutely nothing in his record during the last four years to run on, either financially, economically, job creation, foreign policy, the borders, etc. to point to and run on...the Obama administration has descended into one of, if not the, most negative and vitriolic campaigns in American history. He is telling his crowds that the republicans want dirty air and water for their children (meaning those people he is talking to), that Romney wants children with Downs syndrome to "fend for themselves," that the Romney/Ryan budget will harm the eldrely by robbing them of their medicare...when the actual truth (which is out there for all to read if people will just do it on their own) is that the Romney/Ryan plan protects anyone age 55 or over and leaves their plan intact, while overhauling the plan for younger citizens to privitize portions of it so it can become profiatable and sustainable so that there is a medicare program in the future, rather than letting it go bankrupt. In fact, worse than that, Barack Obama himself has raided the Medicare fund for over 700 billion dollars to help fund OBamaCare, thereby hastening the date when it would go bankrupt. But he does not mention that.

Obama and his campaign have actually accused Romney of being responsible for the death of a woman whose husband was laid off from a steel plant that Romney's company tried to save. But he was laid off two years after Romney left the company, and six years before the woman died...and the woman had her own health insurance through her place of employment even though the man had lost his. Such unbelievable out and out lies are all the Obama campaign has to sustain itself. Another one is, that somehow, even though he was a governor, and even though this is his second Presidential campaign and he is a very well known person, the Obama "team" is claiming that the reason Romney will not release more than two years of his tax returns (which is two years more than the law requires), that Romney is a felonious tax cheat and paid no taxes those other years...even though there is not a shred of evidence to back up such a claim, and even though the IRS would have long since found out if someone so prominant had not paid any taxes. Such claims are pure theatrical, malicious lies and distractions to keep people from talking about Obama's record...the essence of which he is trying everything he can to avoid talking about.

Sorry, Barrack Hussein is not going to work. The American people are awake, and when it comes to America, her prosperity, her liberty, and her goodnes and greatness...with the help and grace of God, and without any thanks whatsoever to you and your ilk's absolutely failed policies, we know that when this thing is turned around, we will be able to bow our heads, and thank God and know, that with His help...YES WE DID BUILD THAT!


What a contrast between these two visions of America!

One is traditional American and focused on the Free Market (emphasis on "free") and on initiative, responsibility, accountability, self-governance, true compassion, and traditional American values. The other is focused on statism, compulsion, irresponsibility, and the will of a very few elitists deciding how the rest of us should live.

The hard truth is that another four years of the rapid and escallating descent into ruin that is being not only led, but encouraged, by the Obama administration could put the Republic in a place where it will be difficult, if not impossible, to recover from it in any single generation...if we can recover at all.

Is this what Americans want for themselves, their children, and grandchildren? The stakes could not be higher...literally the future of this nation and the future prosperity of our children and grandchildren. In November 2012, Americans will have a choice, and they will get to decide which of these visions they want for themselves, their families, and future generations.

God grant, that as with 2010, when a referendum on Obama's performance in his first two years produced the largest turnaround election in the history of U.S. mid-term elections, that the American people will stand and put an end to this tragedy and dispicable record and produce an even greater turnaround in 2012.

Romney/Ryan in 2012!

Jeff Head
Idaho, USA
August 14, 2012




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