The Train Wreck of Progressive/Liberal/Leftist Class Envy

It's time to once and for all debunk the progressive liberal destructive arguements about class envy and put them in their place and hold them accountable for the fallacies they foist on the public in a singular effort to divide this nation. It is creating a train wreck in America, and they know it, and are willfully making it happen. They do so soley to win elections and continue to promote and push their socialist/marxist agenda. Because that is exactly what it is.

They try and indicate that the so-called "wealthy," do not pay their "fair share" of taxes. Nothing could be further from the truth, and they know it. That's why they use generalities and never really define how much would be "fair." Truth is, to them, there will never be "enough," because that would rob them of their talking point from which they launch into their other mantras about society.

If you pay close attention, you will find that what these methods they employ with "the wealthy," are exaclty the same they use with race, gender, morality, and any number of other divide and conquer programs they employ to distract the populace away from their terrible record on economics, on foreign policy, on jobs, on spending, and on the failures of their own programs. Like the recent Stimulus Plans, the recent Green Energy Plans, or the decades long, so-called War on Poverty, which has spent many trillions of dollars and failed to help those whom it was directed at. The dirty secret is that these wer never intended to succeed as you or I would define success. They were never meant to win or accomplish anything positive for those whom they were supposedly directed at...and indeed, they have failed miserably...but they have successfully served the left as spring boards to keep the American citizenry divided and distracted from those miserable failures.

Back to the wealthy.

Here are the facts:

  • The Wealthiest 1% of American citizens pay 37% of all taxes.
  • The wealthiest 10% of American citizens pay over 70% of all taxes.

Clearly, the so-called "wealthy," are not only paying their "fair" share, they are paying a tremendously "unfair share."

Particularly when you note the following. It is estimated, in total, between their private companies, their corporations, their personal hires, and the money they spend in the market place, that the wealthiest Americans contribute the following to job creation:

  • The wealthiest 1% of American citizens in this country provide over 20% of all private sector jobs.
  • The wealthiest 10% of American citizens in this country provide over 40% all private sector jobs.

Now, this has fallen off in the last several years. Want to guess why? That's right, they have less to invest, and less to spend because of a growing, overburdensome tax rate and because of looming uncertainties in the market associated with the out and out socialist agenda of the current administration which is having negative impact on them individually and on their companies. As a result, it is estimated that these numbers are down between 5-10% over the last five years alone.

...and before the liberals can respond about government "creating" so many "public sector" jobs...just where do they think the money comes from to pay for these jobs? How are they funded? That's right, from the tax monies the government collects. And who is paying the vast majority of those taxes? That's right, again...the wealthy. Just apply common sense and understamd that if the wealthiest 1% of people are paying 37% of all taxes, and the wealiest 10% are paying 70% of all taxes, then:

  • The Wealthiest 1% of citizens are actually paying for (and thus providing) 37% of all public sector jobs.
  • The wealthiest 10% of citizens are actually paying for (and thus providing) 70% of all public sector jobs.

But there is a difference. Those private sector jobs actually produce something...most importantly, more wealth. Those public sector jobs, the vast, vast majority of them, take away wealth from the private sector and are therefore a burden on it. That is why our government was designed to keep the government work force as small as practicable to accomplish the most basic roles of government; to defend our borders and nation, and to provide just enough oversight of commerce to keep it from becoming illegal. Nothing more.

The progressive liberals and leftists know all of this...they just do not want you to know it...or, if you find out, they certainly do not want you to comprehend what an abject indictment it is of them and their policies.

The net of all of this is, that sadly, the progressive leftist policies and mantra result in, 47% of all Americans paying NO TAXES, and 35-40% of Americans on government assistance just to be able to get by.

This is tragic, and sad...but it is also no mistake. The left and liberals want a larger and larger segment of the people dependent on government because they view those people as a locked-in voting block to get them elected and continue this madness.

In essence they are willfully entrapping people into economic serfdom and slavery so they can gain power and influence over all Americans. It is the very thing that patriots shed their blood to free this nation from English tyranny of in the 1700s, and the very thing so many have fought, bled, and died to keep external enemies from inflicting on this nation ever since...only to see an enemy from within accomplish it through willfully appealing to the lowest and most base traits of human nature to inflict it on us now.

By taking the money from the very people who create so much of the jobs in this country, they ensure that the unemployment rate remains high and that the numbers of people who must ultimately seek government assistance also remains high, which is their goal.

Now, they have an endless suppy of so-called "economists" and others who will strain at reasoning, and come up with very flowery words to try and convince the people of the unbelievable...that in some way, when they take from the producers and give to those who do not produce that somehow this translates into more and better production. That is the essence of their arguemnt...but common sense and a straight forward look at the numbers paints it for the hogwash and lie that it is. Stated as simply as possible, you cannot make something out of nothingor, you cannot somehow take away from something and have what you take away be more than the whole you took it from. It would be like saying,

"Oh, I see you have 10 dollars. I will take six of those dollars and call them twenty dollars and all will be good."
Charletains like this have cropped around this nation in the past, and in the past they generally ended up being tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

We clearly need to figuratively institute the same solution today. And we can do so this November in 2012.

It is time to end this sham and call it what it is: It is a dispicable travesty and monstrocity perpetrated on the American people by a group of willful scheisters, who use these pitiful tactics to become representatives and promote their own wealth, their own power, their own vices, and their own agenda in their own interest and not in the interests of the people.

Most Americans are self respecting. Most want to, and are willing to, work hard to provide well for their families and work for the traditional American dream of owning their own homes, sending their children to college or seeing them successful in society, and saving for their later years. These are all good, and wholly realizable goals by the vast majority of Americans, but only if we base our success and wealth on the fundamental principles and values that created those dreams in the first place, and reject these leftist, socialistic notions that have failed miserably and been the ruin of almost all peoples who have attempted the allure of some kind of "paradise" built on the terribly weak and faulty foundations of class envy, entitlement, an easy street, something for nothing attitudes the left engenders.

If we remove the excessive tax burden from those who create a majority of the jobs and business in this nation, we will unleash earning power in America and the people will end up sharing in it and finding the reultant jobs and wealth to realize these goals if they are willing to work for them...and most Americans are more than willing to do so. The irony of it all is (and the left knows this) it will also increase the amount of tax revenue without entrapping people into government serfdom and thereby enable us, as a nation to spend that money on much more productive things...and to give back even more to the people so they become more and more a part of the growing segment who actually produce things in America.

Share this message with everyone you know.

The path out of these doldrums is to send the progressive/leftist/liberals packing and to do so so fundamentally, that they will not show their face again in the public areana and so America can then engage in healthy debate about the free market, about energy, about foreign policy, and about morality in ways that improve our nation instead of these faux liberal straw man arguements that divide us and lead to our downfall.

Again, if you analyze it, you will find that the left employs these same tactics to the gender and race issues to try and keep those segments of our population "down" and divided as well. They need racism and so-called gender inequality to use against all Americans to further their aims...but when you look closely, you will see that despite all of their high minded words and arguements, despite all their promises, that in situations where they are sadly given the chance to implement their ideas, it ends up being the women and the minorities who suffer the most in terms of unemployment, business failure, foreclosure, and any number of economic and societal ills under their programs. That is because these ideas and misbegotten policies of the left, generate those precise results while they push to implementing even more of the same while it occurs, as they are doing right now as you read this...and then blame everyone else...anything else, except themselves for the results.

Once people understand this, and then understand the power of the free market and sound economic policy and fundamental moral principle, they are enabled to cut completely loose from these shackles and throw off the progre4ssive/liberal/leftist deceptions that are so effectively holding them back. The progressive liberal left wants to hold people back so they can count on their votes to endlessly give them more power, so they can be on top of the ash heap of history that they have created.

Jeff Head
Idaho, USA
August 3, 2012




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