A Proposal to Secure America's Southern Border
Jeff Head, July 3, 2010

Border Patrol, Citizen, Sheriff, & National Guard
Border Enforcement Program


Rational and Current Environment
Our southern border has become a virtual porous super highway for illegal entry into the United States. At any time, but particularly during this age of terror and warfare to interdict and prevent it, this is a dangerous and unacceptable situation. Illegal aliens that cross to become undocumented workers are placing an unacceptable economic burden on the United States and are displacing American workers. Drug smuggling is bringing not only the illegal substance into the country, but the well funded drug cartels are establishing themselves in the United States and bringing violence, property theft and destruction, and injury or death to innocent American citizens here in our own country. Finally, it is well documented that terror organizations are using the open, chaotic nature of the border to bring their own operatives into our nation.

All of this is wholly unacceptable. The American people recognize it and are demanding that the border be secure and the illegal entry halted. In the current absence of the Federal Government to enforce even the meager laws in place, some border states are understandably acting on their own to address the issue.

Proposed Border Enforcement Plan (BEP)
In order to address the full gambit of border issues and halt the flood of illegal activity at all levels and provide the strong response our citizens are demanding (and understandably so), I propose a program that calls for citizen volunteers to be deputized who bring their own weapons and vehicles (under close Sheriff department oversight and definition) to help observe and patrol the border. Some set of health and weapon criteria could be established. Details follow.

Border Patrol Continues Vehicle Patrols Immediately along the Border
The US Border Patro in this plan would be relegated to providing vehicular patrols immediaetely along the border.

They would be backed up by the Citizen Observation Posts, Sheriff Command Posts and National Guard Command Posts described below. The Border Patrol personnel, depending upon the severity of the situation would either contact the Sheriff Command Posts or the National Guard Command Posts. Their coumminications would be monitored by all, including the Citizen Observation Posts.

Deputized Citizen Observation Posts
Establish observation posts (OPs) all along the border no more than five miles apart and within line of sight (LOS) wherever possible. Man these OPs with volunteer citizens who are deputized by the local Sheriff and who operate with very strict ROEs that still allow these individuals to protect themselves. Provide them with portable radios to call Sheriff department personnel for direction or assistance.

Each OP to be manned with no less than two individuals and varying up to four depending on the terrain being observed. Each OP would also have a volunteer 4-wheel drive vehicle on site to provide transportation, and which the volunteers could use for egress ( departure) if it were clear they were going to be over-run by a much larger force after radioing in their report.

For the volunteers, prior military or LEO experience would be a plus. Make the age limit 18-60 or 65. Volunteers would have to pass a physical which enforced strict health criteria (ie. No one with congenital heart failure, or a pace maker, or other debilitating condition would be accepted for OP duty) and some minimum physical test. These people manning the OPs have to be in good health.

Sheriff Command Posts
Back the citizen manned OPs up with Sheriff command posts (CPs) covering so many OPs. The Sheriff CPs would have SWAT like teams and ground transportation to get to their assigned OPs for help if necessary. Maximum distance to any OP under the direction of a Sheriff CP should be no more than ten to twelve miles.

The Sheriff's principle Command Post would be centrally located and set a little further back from the border. It would provide additional support to the other Sheriff CPs and would include a Sheriff observation helo.

If the condition was critical and the local Sheriff CP or principle Sheriff CP deemed he could not respond quickly enough, or did not have sufficient force, then after also dispatching his own force to either interdict or provide recon, he steps it up to the next level.

National Guard Command Posts
Back the Sheriffs CPs up with National Guard CPs which include one or more rifle platoon sized (42 soldiers) ready reaction force with supporting transport helos, armed observation helos, attack helos and the whole gambit. The commander (probably a Captain or Major depending on the CP) at the National Guard CP would have the authority, on request by the Sheriff, or when sighted by his own recon and observation to call in his reaction force.

This force would assist the Border Patrol, volunteer CPs under heavy fire, Sheriffs personnel under heavy fire, or to interdict large armed forces of smugglers, drug cartel, or other illegals crossing the border that his own recon or observation aircraft (either manned or drone), or roving patrols observed apart from the OP-CP network. Close communication coordination and information would be required between the OPs, the Sheriff CPs and the National Guard CPs in all situations.

National Guard Staging Areas
Once contact was initiated, if the on-scene National Guard officer (probably a Lt. or Captain) and the National Guard CP commander determined that still more force were required, then a call to a primary staging area for the National Guard could be made. De pending on the need, a higher level officer (probably a colonel or maybe been general level officer) could call in additional heavy forces consisting of up to Company or Battalion strength.

This would occur under the most severe circumstances, where several platoons and their supporting attack helicopters were unable to contain a major border incursion. At this point, and probably before, communication and coordination of local air force support units may already have occurred.

Double Fence along the whole Border
Such a plan could be implemented quickly, and in stages. It should be done in conjunction with the completion of a border fence (double fence, with patrol road all along it) all across the border. Such a fence would deter most crossings by single individuals or small groups, and allow the OP and CP network more time to react for larger more serious incursions that breach the fence. In other words, the fence is a sustainable deterrent for small attempts to cross the border, and a tripwire, speed bump for those more serious ones.

ICE Handles Normal Border Crossings and Emmigration Enforcement in the Interior
The Immigration Conrol and Enforcement agency would be tasked with securing and working normal border crossings and with enforcement of immigration laws in the nation’s interior, beyond the direct enforcement at the border which this plan covers. The large number of illegal aliens already here, and any hat get past he border enforcement plan presented would be their responsibility along with local law enforcement.

This plan would secure America's southern border. It would cut costs by using qualified and pre-evaluated citizen volunteers who bring their own approved arms and vehicles. It would incorporate the local Sheriff in helping do his job by protecting the citizens and property in his county. It would reduce the numbers of National Guard required to secure the border on their own, but allow them to operate in a support role for truly critical situations, and to enhance the citizen-Sheriff OP and CP network (CITSOP-CNET). It would also provide invaluable training to Guard units ultimately planned to rotate to Iraq, Afghanistan, or other mid-East War on Terror (WOT) area of operation. It would keep the Brder Patrol and ICE working and more focused, and integrated into this plan.

In addition, any governor or Sheriff announcing or embracing such a program would positively respond to citizen outcry and demand and thus fulfill their major responsibility to protect the citizens, their property, and their freedom within their constituents, and their responsibility under the U.S. Constitution, which they swore to protect, defend, and bear true faith and allegiance to. The political capital gained by simply fulfilling this responsibility along the southern border is self evident. This would, of course include any President willing to fulfill those same two responsibilities.

Proposed by Jeff Head
Chairman of Advisory Board for the:
Independntent American Movement for Constitutional Restoration (IAM-CR)

July 4, 2010

This proposal can be downloaded and shared with others in its entirety. Share particularly with governors and sheriffs along the border, also with your own elected reps. Here are the download locations, one is PDF, the other MS Word .DOC:






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