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This page describes the modern Chinese Navy's (PLAN) LCAC, Landing Craft Air Cushion for use with their new LPDs and eventual LPHs.
PLAN LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushion
SPECIFICATIONS PHOTOGRAPHS (Click on the pictures for an enlarged photo)

In conjunction witht the building of Red China's first LPD, the Type 071, Yuzhao Class LPD, the PLAN also embarked on designing and building their own landing craft, air cushion (LCAC) to go with it.

In 2008, a new, indegenous Chinese LCAC was observed. It is remarkably similar to the US LCAC, except the control house is on the port side of the vessel instead of the starboard side. In addition, the Chinese LCAC apppears a little smaller than the American LCAC.

These vessels appear to have four gas turbines to power them. It is not known whether those turbines are indigenous Chinese designs or based on Russian or Ukrainian technology

By 2010 as many as four had been observed, but it is anticapted that more are building since the PLAN launched a second Yuzhao class LPD in 2010 and will likely launch a third in 2011. Since each LPD is supposedly capcable of carrying 3-4 LCACs it is anticpated that 10-12 will be built as a minimum. More if more LPDs are built, and even more if the anticpated PLAN LHD Class Amphibious Assault ship is constructed.

The specifications include:

Qty: 4 (more building)
Length: unknown
Beam: unknown
Displace (Full): unknown
- 4 gas turbines, 2 fans
Speed: 40 knots (est)
Crew: 4-5 est.
- 2 x 12.7mm machine guns
- Potential man portaable AAMs

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