My Oath and Promise as an American Citizen in 2013

In this time of crass and blatant lies by the leaders of our nation and their appointees. Where American lives have been lost on foreign soil based on those lies. Where the freedom of our citizens has been infringed upon for pure political purposes based on lies. Where the literal health of the nation...and by extension the lives of its citizens...hangs in the balance as a result of crass, blatant, and knowing lies. Where the very good faith and name of this Republic has been dragged through the mud based on lies.

In such times, as American citizens we must remember who we are, and what we have been given as a people. What so many have sacrificed so much to pass on to us. Those gifts, and the principles upon which they are based transcend any lie, and any individual, or group of individuals telling them.

We have God-given, Constitutional Rights:
As Americans, and according to the US Constituion, we have a God-given right to the following:

  1. The right to life.
  2. Freedom of speech
  3. Freedom to peaceably assemble
  4. Freedom of religion and conscience
  5. The right to defend ourselves and to keep and bear firearms

These are our most fundamental rights, upon which our freedom and liberty rest, and upon which our other innumerated rights rest.

The US Constitution is the ultimate law of the land:
No lower court, no President, no state or federal legislature, no Attorney General, no Secretrary of anything, no officer of the court, no judge, and no law enforcement officer can infringe upon, or render those rights in any way moot without using the amendment process provided for in the constitution itself. In fact, all of those individuals have taken an oath to bear true faith and allegiance to that Constitution and to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic. They are showing by their actions, when they attempt to violate those rights, that they are actually oath breakers, and enemies of the Constititon they took an oath to protect.

As to all of those rights listed, no official amendment has been inacted revoking them, or renouncing them. Therefore, according to the law we still have them. And, as God is my wintess, since our life and liberties come from Him, even if unhallowed hands got amendments passed to infringe upon them, we would then appeal to God in Heaven for His aid in overthrowing the resultant tyranny and return our land to the Constitutional Republic, with liberty based on moral principle and constraint established by God, which our Founders established.

In this regard, despite our founding and the clear wording of our Constitution, as stated, many governmental officials and appointees have, over the last decades, and particularly in the last 6 years, been trampling on these rights and trying to cajole, finagle, and legislate these rights away. In many instances people have been detained, jailed, imprisoned, and even injured or killed because those citizens sought to maintain or defend their rights in the face of the acts, interpretations, findings, executive orders, and laws de jour that have been foisted upon our nation. The people making, passing, enforcing, and enacting these conditions have, by their actions, defined themselves as enemies of the Constitution of the United States, and enemies of liberty, our way of life, and We the People.

It is time to fulfill our Oath to the Constitution:
It is time for all citzens who have taken an oath to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution, and to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic, to stand and fulfill their oath. The language of the Constitution with respect to these rights is clear. "Shall not be infringed," "Shall have the right," etc. are clear statements that cannot be misinterpreted. Legally they can only undone by constituional amendment. Morally they are gifts from God and beyond the purvue of mortal man.

If we are to retain our liberty and our way of life, and vouchsafe the blessings and prosperity attendant to such libety for ourselves, our families, and our descendants, we must stop this treason now.

I am but an every-day American citizen. I hold no high office. Yet, as an American citizen:

We must heed the call as God-fearing, libety-loving Americans to stand:
The call to all God-fearing, libety-loving Americans to stand and say NO!

The call to all God-fearing, liberty-loving Americans who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution against such enemies, and to bear true faith and allegiance to stand and do so now against those who are subverting our constitution and our Republic. If you have not taken that oath in an offical capacity, but have that promise and that commitment in your heart...then I call on you to stand with us!

This must happen by the tens of millions. It must start as massive civil disobedience to these unconstitutional acts, and demand that they be overturned.

It must bear itself out at the ballot box, ridding oursleves of these flim-flam, political whores who are beholden only to themselves, their vice, and cravings for power. And yes, it must always be defended by the cartridge box. That is the true reason our American founders, our heritage, has passed on to us the 2nd Amendment which these usurpers and interlopers fear so much.

Stand in you homes. Stand in your towns. Stand in your counties., Stand in your cities. Stand in your states.

We need a revolution of the heart and mind...and faith in God:
A revolution that leads to action against this state of affairs, and puts our faith in God. We need a revival of the independent and liberty loving spirit of our forefathers who sacrificed all to purchase our liberty for us.

Identify direct and crass violations of the Constitution and demand their overturned and do not obey such laws. They are not legal.

As examples:

  • If you do not want to photograph a homosexual wedding becaiuse of your religious not do so, and then fight tooth and nail, with all the resources at your disposal against any attempt to coerce you to do so. Those trying to coerse you are the enemy to all we hold dear.
  • If you feel the need to speak out against this encroaching tyranny in any so, and urge others to join with you. Do not be silenced. The time has come to stand resolutely and disobey such attmpts to silence our 1st amendment rights.
  • If you are a law-abiding citizen, do not give up your arms to any so-called government official who tries to take them away form you under the color of law. What they are doing is illegal and is treason against the very fabric of this nation.
  • If your school or town wishes to pray to God before a game or meeting, do so. Invite others to pray with you, allowing them to not bow their heads if they so desire.

Come together. Form committees of correspondence and committees of safety in your town, cities, counties, and states. They need not, and should not be beholden to, or a part of, any political party. They must be common Americans, coming together to protect our freedom and our constitution and to demand those who represent us to do the same or be removed forthwith from office.

If we do not do this...if we ourselves are unwilling to stand and fight for our liberty and that of our children and grandchildren and generations yet unborn, we will lose our precious liberty and all the blessings, prosperity, and future that attend it.

As God is my witness:
I declare, as a soveriegn American citizen, that I will stand and identify unconstitutional encroachment wherever it exists, and to then fight against it.

I will identify said encroachment, proclaim it, demand it to cease, and if must be, I will fight against it until such actions are purged from our land.

Until all of those underhanded, self-serving, con-men and women who would foist such conditions on us beg the very mountains to fall upon them and hide themselves and their intent from a civil society.

I so declare, I so commit, so help me God.

Please, I beseech all who read this, join me. Then share the same with others and have them join you!

Jeff Head
Idaho, USA
November 14, 2013







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