My Review and Build of Arts Technic's 1/350 scale Kit# HMG04,
JMSDF DDG-116 Teruzuki, (Akizuki Class) Guided Missile Destroyer

Akizuki Class Destroyer

This model is a 1/350 scale model depiction of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) Alizuli class destroyer, particularly, I built the second in class, DDG-116 Teruzuki.

These destroyers are a follow on class to the five Takanami class desitroyers which were built in the four years prior to these ships being built.

The Akizuki class was built specifically to be a mulit-role guided missiles destroyer capable of anti-air, ani-submarine and ant-surface warfare, but in particulalrly with sophisticated, Japanese developed Phased array radars and an integrated battle system to allow it to escort the larger JMSDF vessels, particularly the AEGIS class destroyers perfroming anti-ballistic missile duties and the larghe DDH (Heclicopter carriers) that the JMSDF has developed, like the Hyuga and the Izumo class.

The vessels are well armed for these duties with a 5" DP gun, a 32 tube VLS cell tasked specifically to carry the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) which are packed four into each cell and which give excellent anti-air defense against aircraft anbd missiles of all types. Normally the vessel will carry at least 8 ASROC rocket propelled and VLS launched anti-submarine weapons and either 24 or 16 cells filled with four each ESSM missiles.

The vessel is alo armed with eight Type 90 (similar to the US Harpoon Missile) anti-surface missiles, anti-submarine torpedoes, two Phalanx CIWS 30mm wpaons systems, and with a pad and hanger for one SH-60J, SeaHawk ASW helicopter.

Japan built four of these vessels, and is now starting to put out the complimentary class which will be more strongle dedicated to ASW warfare.

Here are the specifications for the Akizuki class:

Displacement: 5000 tonnes standard
6800 tonnes full load
Length: 150.5 m (493 ft 9 in)
Beam: 18.3 m (60 ft 0 in)
Draft: 5.3 m (17 ft 5 in)
Depth: 10.9 m (35 ft 9 in)
Propulsion: COGAG, two shafts, four Rolls Royce Spey SM1C turbines
Speed: 30 kn (56 km/h; 35 mph)
Complement: 200
Sensors and processing systems:
ATECS (advanced technology command system)
FCS-3A AAW system
OQQ-22 ASW system
NOLQ-3D EW system
OPS-20C surface search radar
Armament: Guns
1 127 mm (5 in)/62 gun
8 Type 90 SSM
1 Mk 41 VLS (32cells)
RUM-139 VL-ASROC (DD 115)
Type07 VL-ASROC (DD 116 to DD 118)
2 20 mm Phalanx Block1B CIWS
Torpedoes 2 HOS-303 triple 324 mm (12.8 in) torpedo tubes
Aircraft carried: 1 SH-60K helicopter

The first vessel, DDG-115 Akizuki was launched in 2010 and commissioned in 2012, and the last, the fourth DDG-118, Fuyuzuki, was launched in 2012 and commissioned in 2014.

All four have proven very capable as heavily armed and very capanble destroyers for the JMSDF.

The Arts Technic Kit: What's in the Box

There is only one 1/350 scale kit of this model available on the market. it is by Arts Technic. This Arts Technic kit, #4508, is a resin model with strong detailing and a lot of small resin and metal parts for detail. As a resin model, it is more expensive than injected plastic models, but it is also very will crafted. You will pay about $250 for this kit.

The hull comes in two pieces, an upper and lower part so you can build either a waterline version or the full hull. I chose the full hull.

The major deck houses are each modled as single pieces, though the interior of the hanger for the helicopters come as separte pieces.

There are well over 200 total parts, many of them resin but also many metal pieces for all of the railing and the sensors on the vessel.

Using the correct type of glue, and using care, the mnodel goes together very well and will have a truly professional, museum quality look.

It comes with detailed color photos pointing out each of the part numbers for each part whether resin or metal, and where they go.

Here's the pictures of the model out of the kit:

Here's how things looked out of the box:

It was a really fun build, and particularly was a great addition to my JS Hyuga Task force in 1/350 scale. Arts Technic did a superb job with this model and I would recommedn it to anyone looking for a 1/350 scale Akizuki class DDG from the stated, it is the only 1/350 scale available, though a couple of outlets/manufactureres have 1/700 scale models...but for me, 1/700 just is not the same as 1/350.

The Build -Painting the hull, adding deck decals, and painting the main deck houses

This build goes fairly stright forwardly and I am going to describe it that way. You just have to make sure you are careful with the resin parts, particularly in removing the small pieces from the sprues.

The first part was simply painting the hull, glueing it together, then adding the decals to the main deck and painting the main deck houses for the forward bridge and radar, the central engine exhaust, and the hanger and rear radar mounts.

The Build - Adding the main deck houses and initial detailss

I then added the main deck houses to the model and added the initial details, mainly the principle weapons and radars.

The Build - Adding the major details

At this point I took quite a while to paint, build (where necessary) and then add all of the many small details. This took about two weeks of working after work into the night.

The Build - Adding the metal railing and parts

At this point I took another several days, probably over a week, to add all of the metal railing. Make sure you paint them carefully so the paint does not glob up on the small rails.

The Build - Touch up and final pics

Now it was time to add the touch up, cleaning off any smudges ar drops of glue, touch up paint and then adding the dull coats finish. Here's the fnished model:

So there you have her. I took about six+ weeks working on this kit after work and on weekends. it was a fun and gratifying build and I would recommend it for anyone. You can find it at this link from a provider in Japan: - AmiAmi - JMSDF Akizuki Class DDG in 1/350 Scale

The Build - Showing the Akizuki in the Hyuga Task Force

I then wanted to get some pics of the Akizuki class, my DDG-116, Teruzuki, with my complete 1/350 scale Hyuga Task Force.

This now includes:

1 x Hyuga DDH
1 x Atago AEGIS DDG
1 x Kongo AEGIS DDG
1 x Akizuki DDG
1 x Takanami DDG
1 x Soryu SS

They look really good toghether.

The JMSDF is very squared away.

So there you have it, the new Akizuki DDG completed and in with the JMSDF Task Force built around their Hyuga carrier.

Other Carrier Groups from the Jeff Head Shop

The completion of the PLAN Carrier group was centered on the already completed Trumpeter 1/350 scale PLA Navy's Aircraft Carrier CV-16, Liaoning, (in addition to the other escorts already completed) included Mini Hobby's's PLAN Guangzhou, DDG-168. I recently pre-ordered a 1/350 scale model of the PLAN Type 071 LPD, Yuzhao Class, announced by Arts Technic and due out in October, 2013. I will end up adding two of those, propbably LPD-998 Yuzhao and LPD-999, Jinggangshan, add the PLAN- DDG-139, Ningbo, and the PLAN DDG-115, Shenyang, along with the PLAN Weifang, FFG-550 and thus build a PLAN ARG.

The completion of the US Carrier Strike group was centered on the completed Tamyia's 1/350 scale USS Enterprise, CVN-65, (in addition ot the other escorts already completed) included Arts Technic's, USS Freedom, LCS-1, Dragon's USS Preble, DDG-88 and Hobby Boss's USS Texas, SSN-775. When a 1/350 scale USS Enterprise, CVN-80 (or any Gerald R. Ford Class) is released from Trumpeter, Tamiya, Dragon, or whomever else, I will add it to this group along with another AEGIS Cruiser. Whichever Ford Class coms out in 1/350 scale, I will build it as the USS Enterprise, CVN-80.

The US ARG will include Tamiya's 1/350 scale, USS Iowa, BB-62 (which I have already completed), Gallery 1/350 scale USS Iwo Jima LHD-7, Gallery's 1/350 scale USS Sommerset, LPD-25, Bronco Models 1/350 Scale USS New York, LPD-21, Cyber Hobby's USS Independence, LCS-2, Acadamy's 1/350 scale USS Rueben James, FFG-57, and another Flight IIA US AEGIS class detroyer based on Arts Technic's 1/350 scale USS Lassen, DDG-82...all of these models which I already own.

The completion of the UK Group featured the Airfix 1/350 scale HMS Illustrious, R06 as its centerp[iece until a 1/350 scale Queen Elizabeth carrier is released. When that happens, I will add that carrier to the group as its centerpiece. The Royal Navy CSG will also include two Airfix 1/350 scale Daring Class DDGs (one of which is already completed), two Trumpeter 1/350 scale Type 23 HMS Duke class Frigates (one of which is already completed), and the Hobby Boss 1/350 scale HMS Astute SSN (which is also already completed) and Airfix 1/350 scale HMS Tragalgar SSN. One day, when a 1/350 scale HMS Ocean LPD come out, I will use tt to start building a Royal Navy ARG.

The French CSG is centered on Heller's 1/400 scale Charles De Gualle, R91 by Heller. I have purchased the 1/400 scale Heller French De Grasse, D612 DDG, which is an ASW DDG, the French Duquesne, D603 DDG which is an anti-air multi-purpose DDG, and the French Aconit D612 FFG and Gueprattet F714 FFGs, both of which are Lafayette class frigates. These five vessels will round out my French CSG. As soon as a French Robin class nuclear sub, like the French Perale S606 SSN is released in 1/350 or 1/400 scale, I will add that to the group. Also as soon as the Forbin D620, Horizon class anti-air DDG is released in 1/350 or 1/400 scale, I will purchase two of them and replace the De Grrasse and Duquesne with them, and then save those two for when a Mistral Class LPD is released in 1/350 or 1/400 scale so I can create a French ARG with those vessels.

The completion of the Japanese JMSDF group was centered on Fujimi's very finely detailed, 1/350 scale Hyuga, DDH-181. It will be escorted by Trumpeter's 1/350 scale DDG-177, Atago, an AEGIS class DDG and the JMSDF, DDG-174, Kongo class (which I own), Trumpeter's 1/350 scale DDG-114 Susunami and Art Technic DDG-116 Teruzuki (this model), and by the 1/350 scale SS-503 Hakuryu (which I own), one of Japans new, very modern and capable submarines. As soon as a DDG-115 Akizuki in 1/350 scale is released, I will add it to this group. Should a 1/350 scale Osumi Class LPD be relased, I will buy two of those vessels and create a JMSDF ARG.

The completion ofthe Russian CSG (centered on b>Trumpeter's Kuznetsov which I own) the Russian Kirov Class nuclear battle cruiser (CGN), the Peter the Great, by Trumpeter (which I own), the Russian Slava Class cruiser, Varyag by Trumperter (which I own), two Trumperterc 1/350 scale Udaloy DDGs (which I own), Hobby Boss's Akula II class SSN (which I own), and the new Yasen class Russian SSN (which I own), all in 1/350 scale. Some time in the more distant future when a 1/350 scale Russian version of the French Mistral class comes out (which is building in real life right now), I will add two of those and build a Russian ARG.

I also purchased ansd completted Heller's 1/400 scale Foch which became the Brazil Sao Paulo Carrier. The Clemceau Class carrier that was sold to the Brazilians in 2000 and in 2002 was refitted and became the Brazilian CV, Sao Paulo, using steam catapaults. I will build the model as the Sao Paulo and thus start a Brazilian group, though the Type 22 DDGs and the FFGs the Brazilians use are not available at present. I have however purchased a set of 1/400 scale A-4 Skyhawks and S-3 Trackers to build a suitable airwing for the Sao Paulo.

Then, again, once the models are available, I'd like to build an Italian Carrier Strike Group centered on the Cavour and their Horizon DDGs, a Spanish Carrier Strike Group centered on the Juan Carlos and their F-100 AEGIS FFGs, and ultimatly an Australian Strike Group centered on the new Canberra Class LPD and the Hobart class AEGIS DDGs. If they ever build the models, an Indian Carrier Strike Group centered on either the Vikramaditya or their new ADS Carrier, the Vikrant, and their Kolkata class DDGs and Shivlak class FFGs would also be nice.

You can see all of these actual carriers, read their histories and specifictions at my site:


...and most of their surface escorts at:


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