(On display every day all across America)

  • A Liberal network news anchor making over $12 million a year implies that a business owner who is providing many jobs to others and makes less than $2 million a year is selfish and greedy.
  • A CEO of a major corporation who makes millions a year is characterized as greedy and robbing the shareholders and somehow mistreating those that work for them, while a Hollywood celebrity making three times as much is said to earn every penny of their money.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama spends over $500,000 of taxpayer money on a single vacation, and over $1 billion dollars is spent on the 1st family in a single year and it is not newsworthy, but Ann Romney spends $1,000 dollars on a convention dress and she is out of touch with the rest of us and it is headline news.
  • Barack Obama served only a part of a single term in the US Senate and was a community organizer before, and was said to be qualified to be President, but Dan Qualye served multiple terms in the US House and Senate and was an officer in the US Military but was said to not be qualified to be Vice President.
  • Morris Dees hires almost exclusively white lawyers for the liberal Southern Poverty law center and is viewed as racist, but the Tea Party has a higher percentage of members who are black in its ranks than in the US Congress, and it is portrayed as racist.
  • Oil companies make 8.3 cents per gallon off of the gasoline that they produce and are villified as greedy whores of the earth, while the US Government takes $13 cents of every gallon of gas in taxes and is portrayed as benevolent.
  • Democratic candidates (like Barack Obama) are endorsed by the US Communist Party and this is viewed as progressive, while Republican candidates endorsed by the National Rifleman Association (NRA) are called fascists.
  • Occupy wall street protestors who defecate in their own camps, have rampant rape in their camps and illegal drug use, and who violate the law, destroy property and have violent clashes with police are held up as 1st amendment advocates, while peaceful, orderly pro-life protestors, who are victimized by liberal lawmakers who invent laws to specifically target their protests, are arrested and characterized as terrorists.
  • Profanity, nudity, and sexual content on Television is okay because that is just how some people live, while wearing a cross or carrying a Bible is viewed as hateful because someone might be offended.
  • Environmental celebrities protest, decry and villify the use of private jets, large SUVs and luxury homes, while they use private jets and large SUVs to travel from their luxury homes to and from the protests.
  • In our schools and in society, we are told teenagers are too young and impressionable to be exposed to guns and the Bible, while they are taught about every perverse sexual practice known to man in our public schooles and given free condoms.
  • Liberals say that Barack Obama should not be negatively judged by the church he attended for twenty years where vile anti-American hate was preached from the pulpit, but that Mitt Romney should be negatively judged by the church he attends, which has some of lowest divorce, drug use, illegitimacy, drop-out, and poverty rates in the nation.
  • When the Evangelical and conservative Christians oppose abortion, gay rights, and immorality and encourage people to stop such behavior, we are told that they are, "forcing their morality on the rest of us," but when liberals and progressives use Government compulsion to force the funding of abortions, the purchase of contraceptives which encourage immorality, and insist on same sex marriage on society against the conscience of the majority of citizens, we are these things are a "right," and it is not forcing their morality on us.
  • Dan Rather committed fraud in perpetrating a hoax to try and illegally influence an election and we are told he was, "False but completely accurate," but when Mitt Romney makes demonstrable and correct observations of job loss in this nation under the Obama administration, we are told that he is, "somewhat accurate but false."
  • We are told that Islamic suicide bombers in the Gaza strip who target innocent civilian men, women, and children are, "freedom fighters," but that the Israeli Defense Forces fighting to stop them are terrorists.
  • Scott Lively politely disagrees with, and speaks out about the homosexual agenda and he is accused of hate crimes, but when Dan Savage uses vile and disgusting, profane language to describe all Christians, we are told that he is simply exercising his "free speech".
  • Liberal environmentalists tell us that trees have "souls," and so should not be cut down, but an unborn human baby, right up to just prior to delivery is juts a, "mass of tissue," and can be killed by literally pulled that child limb from limb.
  • Absolutely nothing from Barack Obama's past is relevent to the main stream media news, including his marijuana and cocaine use, his associations with abject terrorists and anti-Americans, and the fact that he ate dogs as a youth, yet everyhting from Mitt Romney's past is relevent to the main stream media and made an issue of, including an altercatin he had 50 years ago as a teenager in High School and him carrying the family dog in a dog carrier on the top of his car on vacation thirty years ago.
  • Jarone Holliday, was an african-American youth who was home schooled, a devout Christian, an accomplished musician (concert pianist) and who joined the US Military rising to the rank of corporal before he was killed fighting for this country at the age of 21. Trayvon Martin was an african-American youth who was a thief, was kicked out of school twice for drug use, was into radical online hate groups and speech, and who was killed while assaulting a nieghborhood watch volunteer at the age of 17. Guess which one, Barack Obama, the President of the United States, said could have looked like and been his very own son? It wasn't the soldier who died fighting for his country.
  • Bill Clinton said, "I never had sex with that woman," He was later impeached and disbarred for his lies. Al Gore said, "I invented the internet," which was an absolute fabrication. Barack Obama said, "I will cut the deficit in half," and, "we are releasing infromation regarding Benghazi as soon as we get it," both of which have been proven to be wholy inaccurate. But when Mitt Romney says that his company, Bain Capitol, produced far more jobs than it lost, which is demonstrably true in that 80% of the companies Romney helped became success stories, we are told Mitt Romney is "Lying," and to believe these others regarding the future welfare if this nation.
Is THIS what you want leading your country, America? or at any time? Because it is precisely what you have elected...again.

If you have still got doubts, read the following list of disasterous firsts that this President, President Barack Obama has accomplished in his first four years:

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