The Stand at Klamath Falls
Report Number Nine - Word is Spreading, More Federal Guards
By: Jeff Head, August 30, 2001, 2001

In answer to the questions of why the major media is ignoring this, I say the following: This word will spread. With or without the major media ... as surely as word of Lexington and Concord spread up and down the original colonies.

The fact that the major media is being very selective in their coverage of this event tells you where their loyalties and agendas lie. If this had been a bunch of marxist/anarchists tearing up a town or trying to present their cause ... the media would have been all over it.

But this threatens the "status quo". The Endangered Species Act and the environmental groups surrounding it represent BIG money and very effective tools for the agendas of the power mongers. This action threatens that ... so be it.

When they presume to trample and destroy the rights of whole classes and groups of American citizens, particularly those who are the epitome of what made this nation great, they are taking on more than they know.

Truth is independent in its sphere. It will spread abroad with or without the help of the whores in the media. The honest in heart and the sincere will pass it along by internet, by email, on talk shows, through the mail, with copy and fax machines ... BY WORD OF MOUTH if necessary! ... and there will be those few in the media who pick up on it and pass it along as well.

The others underestimate the Spirit of Truth at their peril ... but that is the classic failing of true tyrants and criminals.

What occured yesterday was an act of courage, heroism and patriotism by a group of people who will not stand for the abridgement of their rights any more. It should be a message ... a message to an overgrown, over burdensome government on what awaits it if it continues down this path ... and a message to liberty loving people everywhere on how to confront the beast. The bell is being tolled, and tolled loudly in a small town in southern Oregon ... let all who have ears hear and know the meaning of that ringing.

Jeff Head

PS: The Federal officials have increased their numbers at the headgates significantly. They did this because their reaction time to further access by the patriotic farmers has gone to zero. They feel they need more numbers to keep these couragous people away from their own water. It will be a vain effort on their part ... these people shall have their rights ... they shall have their water.


Jeff Head
Emmett, Idaho




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