Stayng Safe and Prepared in Current Times
Advise from an American husband, father, and granfather

Given the events of the day and the dangers they represent, I thought I would share some advise/instruction/tips/information with my loved ones, and make it available for anyone who may be interested. It is a bit long, but important nonetheless.

This message is not meant to alarm or cause undue angst or panic. But, as a husband, a father, and a well as a friend and is meant to inform those close to me regarding important information so they can remain vigilant as they go about their own life, maximizing their ability to stay safe and secure as individuals, families, and American citizens in the current events.

All of us are aware (or should be aware) of recent events. Some of the critical events include:

  1. In 2012 and 2013, a radical, Islamic terror organization identifying itself as ISIS or ISIL took advantage of civil war in Syria to occupy and control northern Syria, and then spread into northern Iraq in 2013 and 2014.
  2. On June 25, 2014, a 29 year-old radicalized US citizen convert to this radical Islamic ideology, Ali Muhammed Brown, walked up to and shot 19 year-old Brendan Tevlin, whom Brown had never met as the young man sat at a light in his car in New Jersey. The shooter indicated to investigators that he had done this as revenge for US activities in the Mid East. When questioned further, he indicated that he had killed three other men in Seattle, one in April and two others in June before traveling east to continue his "Jihad.".
  3. On August 7, 2014, the United States government determined that ISIS/ISIL was a threat to US citizens, personnel and interests and began attacking it from the air in Iraq.
  4. On August 20, 2014, ISIS/ISIL beheaded a US citizen they had captured to force the US to stop the attacks. On September 2, 2014, they beheaded a second US citizen. They also beheaded citizens from the UK and France.
  5. On September 17, 2014, the FBI, DHS, and the National Counter-terrorism Task Force issued a warning in a House of Representatives committee meeting that ISIS leaders are calling for so-called, "Lone Wolf," attacks by radicalized US citizens.
  6. On September 22, 2014, the United States government determined that striking at ISIS/ISIL's base of operations in Syria was necessary to degrade and destroy them and began air strikes there.
  7. On September 23, 2014, the FBI and DHA issued a bulletin warning US Law Enforcement agencies to be vigilant against retaliatory strikes by radical Islamic militant Americans holding passports who may come to America.
  8. On September 25, 2014 a 30 year-old radicalized US citizen convert, Alton Nolen who went by the name, Jah'Keem Yisrael, tried to proselyte at his workplace in Moore, Oklahoma. He was fired, and returned and beheaded a 54 year-old woman, Collen Hufford, in the front office. He was shot and wounded by a company executive, Mark Vaughn, who was also a reserve Sheriff's deputy, while attempting to kill a 2nd woman, 43 year-old, Traci Johnson. (Read about Mark Vaughn's actions here:

These events tell us that these radical enemies intend to bring their horrific, hateful ideology and behavior to the United States. Their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, fought with Al Queda in Iraq. He was was captured in 2004 and, according to the forrmer commander of Camp Bucca, held there in prison in US custody from 2005 until 2009. He was handed over to the Iraqis and later released by them as the Obama administration drew down US forces in Iraq in 2009. When leaving US custody, he told his former captors, "I will see you in New York." He has promised to plant the black flag of Islam on the lawn of the White House. (See: - The Iraq Jihadist behind ISIS and how America let him go)

In their efforts to bring their fighting and terror to America, they have encouraged disaffected US citizens to convert, become radicalized, and then commit Jihad in America. They believe they can terrorize the citizens of this nation (and that means each of you), and damage or immobilize the nation as a result.

All They adhere to a radical Islamic dogma, Sharia Law, which is in reality a political ideology that is tyranical, controls all aspects of the life of those who are ruled by it, and requires you too either convert to it, pay a tax as an unbeliever 2nd class citizen, or die.

In facing all of this as US citizens, it is also critical for us to understand a few things regarding these circumstances.

  • These radical killers represent a small percentage of those who profess the Islamic faith.
  • The majority of Islamic believers, who might oppose these animals, are themselves terrorized, killed...and them.
  • The chances of any individual American encountering these radicals is still very small.
  • Having this, those who adhere to this tyranical, hateful, and murderous belief system will will hurt, destroy, and kill as many of us as they can.
  • This threat cannot be taken lightly or ignored.

The first defense against such enemies is to remain calm, remain perceptive, and to be observant of conditions and events that go on around you each day where you work and live. The danger, though perhaps low in probablity, is nonetheless real, and would be extremely dangerous to you and your loved ones if it ever transpires near you.

The second defense for you personally, should anything like this occur, is to be armed and understand how to effectively use a firearm for self defense.

Plain and simple.

A radical Jihadist is not going to wait for you to call 911 and wait for help to arrive. They will attack you quickly, long before help can come, and move on to other victims. In such circumstances you must protect yourself and those around you.

It is your constitutional right as an American to keep and ber arms. Arm yourself. Look into local conceal carry laws and get a license. Keep a firearm in your home. Train and practise in how to use it. In Moore, Okalahoma last weekend, the thing that stopped the radical jihadist killer (and that is exactly what he was no matter what you hear on MSNBC), was an armed citizen who rushed to his vehicle and got a weapon, came back in, and shot the killer as he was attempting to murder a second victim. Life, perhaps many lives, were saved. So, my advise is to keep firearms at home, and carry a firearm with you for self protection. This means you must learn how to use it, and I must add, in all seriousness, teach your children above the age of ten to twelve how to use them...and also to respect them on their life. I can help any of my family with this...and would be happy to do so.

Understanding these things and behaving accordingly will ensure that you are in the best position to report suspicious activities that you may see or notice...and to protect yourself if, God forbid, these animals attack you or your family, friends, or neighbors.

With this in mind, as go through your day, make use of the tools that have been provided to you as an American citizen:

  1. Be observant of your surroundings. Consider where you are, how you can exit an area, where you might be able to defend yourself, etc. Keep such things in the back of your mind. Do not be observant.
  2. Keep an eye on ANY suspicious behavior. People acting strangely. People carrying out of place bags, packs, etc. People who intently stare at or watch others. Avoid such individuals or groups.
  3. Avoid any circumstance/event that could become dangerous. Do not go to clubs/bars or other such places in the wee hours of the morning (after midnight-or any other time for that matter). Do not become intoxicated or otherwise inebreated.
  4. If you see what you believe to be dangerous activity and you are not in immediate/immenent danger, call 911 and calmly report what you are witnessing. Then follow the 911 personnel directions.
  5. If violent jihadists (or any criminal) directly threaten you or your loved ones, and you are not in a positon to avoid it, use your firearm to defend yourself. When you do, remember these points:
    • Only use the firearm if you feel you or your loved ones are being threatened with gross injury or death.
    • If you have to use your firearm, do not warn the perpetrator, or brandish the weapon. This is a potentially fatal mistake. If life is threatened, as calmly and quickly as possible, open fire in self defense
    • Once you open fire, shoot for center of mass...meaning to the upper body/torso...and continue to shoot until the criminal is down and cannot get up.
    • Once the attacker is down, or hass definitely left the premisis/ 911 for help. Remain on your guard until help arrives. Make sure you tell 911 that you are armed and had to use your weapon.
  6. If you do not have a firearm and you are threatened in this manner, having kept yourself aware of your surroundings, do one of the following:
    • As quietly and safely as possible, depart the area, keeping buildings, structures, or vegetation between yourself and the jihadists/criminals.
    • If you cannot safely exit, arm yourself with whatever is at hand. A stout stick or limb. Decent sized rocks. A chair. Thick hardover books. Anything you can use to injure or incapacitate an attacker.
    • If you cannot safely exit, find a safe place to retreat to. A safe place is one that is not noticable, provides limited access to an attacker, and can be defended with whatever you armed yourself with.
    • Once in your safe place. Remain absolutely quiet until the danger passes.
  7. Lastly, and most importantly....whatever you do, stay true to God the Father and Jesus Christ and their commandments/instructions to us all. This is the truest, safest, and most secure course for and in the hereafter.

Finally, if you get into trouble in this fashion, call me. Unless I myself am already ded and gone, or physically incapacitated, I will come...wherever you may be...whatever time it is...whatever circumstance...however long it takes.

Please understand. This not is not meant to drive any of you into a mindset that is itself extreme, obsessed, or prone to ostercize or abandon society. Any of those would actually increase the danger to you and your loved ones.

This message is meant to cause you to think, to use your commonsn sense, intellect, critical thinking, and the resources available to you to be in a position to be as safe and secure as possible in the unlikely event you ever face this. It is my desitre and hope and prayer that you never will. But the threat is real and dangerous, so being prepared is prudent.

It has been said, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."

Those are true words, whether economic, physical, moral, or spiritual.

Finally, take courage. We still live in the freest and most prosperous place on earth. Those are blessings, blessings from God. The founders of this nation, despite whatever other failings, we men of faith. They trusted God to see them through. We can too. But with such blessings comes responsibility and accountability. I could not fulfill mine to my sweetheart, my children and their spouses, and my grandchildren...let alone my friends and neighbors...without doing all I can to help them remain safe.

Love you!

Papa, Dad...Jeff
Idaho, USA
September 30, 2014

From 2002 until 2009, I kept track of so-called "Lone wolf," Joihad attackers, something I called

Sudden Jihad Syndrome in America

It seems like it is now escalating. As I said, take courage and have faith.'s one last note for you regarding some of this.

Rehgarding the radicalized US convert to Islam who beheaded the woman in Moore, Okalhoma, the Islamic Council of Oklahoma has stated that Alton Nolen, who went by his Muslim name, Jah’Keem Yisrael, after converting, is “not known to any of the leadership in Oklahoma mosques.” But Alton's Facebook page shows several photos of him interacting with other members at “the Islamic Mosque in Oklahoma City.”

In additrion, Breibart News now is reporting that Suhaib Webb, an Imam with ties to former Al Qaeda mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki, was also previously the leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City...which is where Alton Nolen attended. This INman Webb now serves as the leader of the sister organization to the mosque attended by Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Apparently, Imam Suhaib Webb has a history of ties to radicalism. FBI surveillance documents show that he was a known confidant of Al Qaeda mastermind al-Awlaki. In fact, just two days before the September 11, 2001 attacks on America, Webb spoke at a fundraiser with al-Awlaki to raise funds for Atlanta-based H. Rap Brown, a man that shot and killed two police officers. The FBI documents also found that “Webb and Awlaki may be associated with the Muslim American Society,” which is a group described by the Investigative Project on Terrorism as being “founded as the United States Chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Sorry...I do not believe in these sorts of matter how the liberal media tries to spin it. Do you?

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