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On occasion in my email, I get messages and questions regarding my JEFFHEAD.COM site and the various pages on it. Some agree with what I say, some do not. Sometimes I get rousing Hoorahs, sometimes profane denouncements, other times messages seeking information or clarification.

I received a message seeking info/clarification today. It reads:


Did t'he Book Audacity of Truth have a statement that immigration was a burden to t'he US?

If so, Can you PLEASE send me t'he quote.


I responded to this individual with the following email...and hope anyone reading this will carefully consider the response and feel free to pass it on to as wide an audience as possible:

First, I know of no "book," called the Audacity of Truth.

I do have a page at JEFFHEAD.COM called the “Audacity of Truth.” It lists issues with Barack Obama.

As to immigration, I have never claimed, nor do I claim, that legal immigration is detrimental to the US. It is not. It has been a great boon to this nation. My own ancestors on my mother's side came to this nation as legal immigrants in the 1870s and then again in the late 1890s. On my father’s side, my ancestors came to these shores in the 1600s.

Having said that, ILLEGAL immigration is definitely detrimental to the US. When illegal aliens or groups of them come into the US without documentation and outside of the legal process, it creates several very detrimental conditions. To name a few:

  1. It is illegal and unchecked illegality promotes more illegal activity of all sorts.
  2. It creates an undocumented, illegal alien underclass of people in this nation who are preyed upon by other illegal, illicit elements in society.
  3. It creates a massive, unfunded burden on health care and education in this nation.
  4. It creates a scenario where employers are tempted to hire workers outside of the legal process, which itself creates very bad conditions. For example:
    • It suppresses wages and opportunities for legal US workers.
    • It subverts the tax, social security, and other legal process in place in the nation.
  5. It is used as a political lever to drive for legalization of illegal activity in an effort to "buy" the votes of those people given "amnesty," of any sort.
  6. Through #5 above, it subverts the political and election process in this nation.
So, legal immigration, where legal immigrants come to this nation according to law, who are assimilated into our society, pay their taxes, learn the language and the laws of this nation, willingly take an oath of citizenship to affirm and follow the laws, is very good for this nation.

Illegal immigration, where illegal aliens avoid and in fact subvert all of that is VERY BAD for this nation.

I believe a President who uses executive order to enact laws (which is Congresses responsibility) to in any way legalize illegal aliens, abjectly violates the President's oath of office. It should, IMHO, be immediate grounds for impeachment. It does not matter said President is white, black, yellow, brown, red or is a man or woman. The law applies equally to all.

...and it doesn't matter whether said President thinks it has taken too long to enact the reforms he/she seeks. Such an excuse simply amounts to a tacit admission that such a President cannot work with Congress and is unwilling to make the necessary compromises on his or her own position to allow for any reform. In such a case, the laws as written remain the same until appropriate laws can be enacted, or, through the constitutional process, an amendment is passed. Otherwise, it cannot mean that such a president can unilaterally violate the law and separation of powers clearly defined in the U.S. Constitution, to "go it on their own." Such an action would itself be illegal, and as I said, should lead to immediate impeachment.

I hope this helps.


Jeff Head
November 17, 2014
Folks, we have a set of circumstances in this nation where in mid-term elections this year we overwhelming elected a particular party to both the US House and the US Senate precisely to derail and forestall the activities of this current, disastrous administration.

One of those issues is the desire by this administration to legalize millions of illegal aliens who have violated the law in coming to this nation, creating all of the detrimental conditions (and more) I outlined.

Please urge your elected representatives in the US House and the Senate…and your State officials, including the governors, to send a clear an unambiguous message to this administration that any use of executive orders to bypass congress in this matter will lead to impeachment and removal from office.


Jeff Head
Idaho, USA
November 17, 2014

Please watch the following youtube video about Legal Immigration, set to Neil Diamond's, "Coming to America." Pass it on. This is how it's meant to work and we the people need to stand up and demand it works this way again.

Coming to America...legally





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