The Destructive False Narrative of the Obama Administration

You know, I am so tired of the propogation of the false narrative by the DNC, much of the MSM, and by the Obama Administration about taxes, about the 2008 economic crisis, about foreign policy, and about what the current Obama administration has accomplished. As in 2008, they believe if they say it enough and are not countered, that they can pass it off as truth.

Well, it's past time to call them on it. Let's get some things straight.

Let's talk about tax policy
Broadening the tax base and getting more people paying taxes is a good thing. Having 47% of people paying no income tax is not a good thing. When you create massive numbers of new people in the work force, you have the opportunity to broaden the tax base. But you have to create those jobs to do it. When you make it easier for businesses to spend their money making new porducts and hiring the people to manage those products,market them, transport them, sell them, etc. you create many more jobs. When you lessen regulations on the people hiring and lower their taxes, they have more money to do all of those things and history proves that they will do them and the jobs will be created, and the tax base will grow.

John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, the Contract with America that forced Clinton's hand at the time, and Geroge W. Bush all proved this.

Really, as explained above, it is simply common sense. The largest growth in jobs and the largest resulting revenue to the Federal government has occurred when these things have happened. Supply Side economics works. And it works because it unleashes the strongetst ecomonic engine in the history of mankind, the American Free Market. This is the plan the Romney campaign is proposing, and it is a well thought out and good one. Read more about it HERE: At the Romney's Campaign Site

So, the narrative that Romney, in wanting to do these things, is just trying to take care of himself and his "1%" at the top, is an absoutely false one. A genn'ed up effort to inflame envy and economic disparity so the Democrats can continue their ways of using higher taxes and more regulation to supress the market so they can spend the money they do receive in social programs and handouts...not to provide more jobs and get people working and independent...but to get people beholden to them and on the dole so they can "count" on their vote.

That's the truth.

Let's talk about the Economic Crisis of 2008.
The terrible econoomic down turn in 2008 was another genn'ed up crisis where the DNC for years...many years...sought to enact just the sort of programs I spoke of above through Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to somehow spread the narrative that every American had a "right" to an American home and the American dream. So they passed legislation and created so-called non-government entitites to force banks to do just that. To make loans that no one could have ever qualified for in the name of giving "homes" to those who could not afford it and then forcing the banks, through guarantees from these non-government entitites to support them.

Well, the banks saw the handwriting on the wall. So what did they do? They sold as many of those loan papers as they could. First to other banks who thought they could take advantage of the guarantees, and then as things piled up and the looming crash was seen coming on the horizon...they sold them to speculators in the stock market, who bought them and then split them up like shares of stock and spread the mess around.

President Bush, once the Democrats gained control of the House and Senate in 2006, tried numerous times, along with the GOP in the House and Senate to block and halt this headlong run into disaster. But the DNC would hear nothing of it. They had a plan, and the plan was simple. Push it until it breaks and then blame Bush for it. Read about Barack Obama's personal involvement in all of this: HERE: Obama tied to the Economic Cirsis of 2008. Also, take the time to watch the Video giving more details regardin it: HERE: Burning down the House. What caused the 2008-2009 economic Crisis..

Their plan worked.

As we all know, banking failed, housing failed, and the market crashed. With the help of the MSM, they blaimed Bush. Then, they brought in a bright, energetic man who spoke of Hope and Change...but who himself was involved to his eye brows in the entrie mess and setting it up. He was brought in to "fix" it, and sadly, many, many American believed it, without so much as checking his background, his history, his own prior statements...and voted him in as President. The people who caused the crisis were brought in to fix it...but they had other ideas as the last four years have shown.

Let's talk about Gas prices.
In the Tuesday, October 16, 2012, Presidential debate, when asked, President Obama tried to make the outlandish claim that the reason gas prices tumbled in 2008 to $1.89 pewr gallon was because of this economic crisis just spoken of. That is, to put it in Biden's words, "a bunch of malarky." Read about it HERE: We can have $2/gallon gas again. YEs, we can get back under $2/gallon and we can do it exaclty like President Buish did oin 2008. Most of our memories are not so short, or as selective as President Obama would like to imagine. As the economic crisis loomed, the prices of gas went up to $4/gallon back then. President Bush announcd that the US would move towards energy independence and opened up the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Northwest and ANWR in Alaska...federal development, drilling, and transport. He proved he was serious by issuing the leases and Executive Orders to make it possible as that gas price crissis developed.

The Saudis and others saw that Bush was serious. They immediaytely dropped their prices drastically to try and get in front of it and make it economically unfeasible for America to do so what Bush was proposing...and the prices came down. And they came down fast, despite so-called experts and MSM wanks indicating it could not happen. Within four months prices fell to $1.89 and continued that way up to the election. Then when Obama was elected, he stopped all of that exploration and development on Federal lands and the prices started right back up. Plain and simple. And then Obama lied in the Tuesday, October 16, 2012, debates saying he had increased leases on federal lands. The facts and figuresclearly however speak for themselves. On Federal property offshore in his first term he has cut leases by almost 66%. On land during the same four years, he has cut federal leases by almost 50%...just as Mitt Romney indicated.

Obama's actions are increasing prices and will continue to do so. Romney's plan, like Bush's will drastically lower them and lead us to energy independence.

Let's talk about foreign affairs.
Obama has apologized all over the earth for America. Implying we were morally bankrupt in prosecuting the wars we have fought. The truth is, the Unidted States has freed and given liberty...true more people than all of the other nations on earth combined. Many hundreds of millions...even have freedon because of the blood and treasure of the United States. Have we made some mistakes? Yes. But have we produced an overall amazing record of setting people free and then not making them a part of an American Empire...instead setting them up to take advantage of the free market and prosper while so doing? Absolutely yes! Ask even our enemies of World War II, the Germans and the Japanese, who are now free and among the most prosperous nations on earth. That is what America does.

This president, President Obama, has ridiculed America and sent a message to the world. It is a dangerous message. Our allies have lost trust in us, our enemies have lost fear of us...and it shows. The Mid East is aflame with Islamic Jihadism. Nations that were our allies Obama has helped overthrow. Nations we had cowed into quitting their terroristic ways have been over thrown and replaced by abject JIhadists...some of whom recently killed our Ambassador in Libya.

Obama did give the order to have Osama Bin Laen killed. For that he should be applauded. But there is more to the story than that. Much more. The very programs, including waterboarding, and holding captrued Jihadists in CIA safe houses or at GITMO that he was so adminatly against, produced the intelligence that led to Osama Bin Laden. If Obama had had his way on policy matters during the Bush years, we never would have found or caught Osama bin Laden. Now this President takes complete credit for something that never could have happened without the years of effort by the very predesessor that Obama scorns.

In addition, Obama established a narrative with the killing of Bin Laden, that he felt would ensure his re-election, to tell us all that because Osama Bin Laden was dead, that Al Quida was realing and had been, in essence defeated.

Then came the 911 in 2012 attacks, when Al Quida boldly planned and executed an attack on our consulate in Benghazi and killed the US Ambassador there and three others with him. They then tortured and sexually molested those poor souls and dragged them through the streets. The Obama administration attempted for two weeks to blame the attack on spontaneous demonstrations over a video on the internet no had ever heard of. A video that until the Obama administration pointed to it had only had about 300 hits on Youtube. Now it has millions.

But the facts are that our intelligence knew it was a coordinated attack as it was happening. They were able to watch it in real time because the intel officer there hit the attack warning that opened the feed through satelliytes back to Washington DC, the state department and several other command centers. They knew it was a coordinate d attack not preceded by any demonstration.

And yet the Obama administration established a false narrative, sending out the UN ambassador to say so on five national TV shows the Sunday after the attack happened. Having the Secretary of State say so, Obama himself said so at the UN and on appearances on shows like the Letterman show. Jake Harney, the Obama press secretary cpontinued to insist it was because of the vidoe and that they had no intelligence to the contrary. Congressional hearings have already produced the sworn testimony by intelligence and State Dpeartment personnel to the contrary. Now they have been caught in this fabrication which was clearly put in motion for political gain. If they had said Al Quida had been defanged, it wouldn't do to admit Al Quida had successfully pulled off such an attack before the election, now would it?

Let's talk about Obama's broken promises.
Obama promised to cut the deficit in half in his first term. Instead, it has mushroomed by an additional $6 trillion dollars. He called Bush "unpatriotic" because he had $4 trillion in deficit over eight years. What then does that make Obama for $6 trillion in four years? USe Obama's own words and logic to tell you.. He is literally bankrupting the nation with his out of control social and cronie spending.

Obama promised that if we would just spend over a trillion dollars on stimulus and other spending packages, that the unemployment rate would fall below 6% quickly and be down near 5% at this point. Instead, the money was waisted on unproven green energy where companies who were run by Obama cronies failed and took hundreds of billions of tax dollars (which they reinvested into the Obama campaign) and the unemployment rate remained over 8% for 43 months straight, and the most anemic recovery in American history is occurring where our growth rate is slower this year than last year, and that was slower than the year before, and we have continued with over $1 trillion dollar deficits in each and every year. Obama even later joked that the "shovel ready" jobs he spoke of were not so shovel ready after his own laughter and that of those with him at the time. The Job and Unemployment Numbers put forth by the Obama administration are a constant false narrative, misleading the American people.

Obama promised his policies would move towards a healthy and prosperous America. Instead, the average American family has lost 40% of its net worth and lost over $4,000 per year in income. 15% of Americans are now living in poverty. We have the longest sustained recession and anemic, non-existant recovery since the great depression.

When Obama took office, 32 million Americans were on food stamps. Far too many. Now, four years later, 47 million Americans are on food stamps. Half of all college graduates cannot find a job. So much for Obama's prosperity and healthy economy.

Obama promised that his "Obama Care" health care would lower health care costs for the average American family by $2,500 per year. Instead, even before it is even partially implemented it has raised the costs by over $2,500 per year. Audits by government agencies indicate that it will continue to raise costs by at least another $2,500 per year. Another promise gone by the way-side with a horrible bill that the DNC Speaker of the Hosue, Nacny Pelosi, informed members that they would have to vote for it before they could read what was in it. A bill that is nationalizing health care and taking over another 16% of the US economy to be run by the government. It is a disater and should be repealed at the earliest date before it can be fully implemented and cause more destrocution and depression of the American economy.

Obama promised that he would have the most transparent Presidency in history. Instead, we have had one of the most corrupt. He has illegally taken executive privelege of Fast and Furious, an operation where Eric Holder (his Attorney General) presided over a plan to sell illegal weapons to drug cartels in Mexico and not track them in the hopes that the resulting carnage would lead to more gun laws in America. In the process hundreds of Mexican citizens and at least two American law enforcement agents have been killed by those guns. A House investigation has shown that there is a cover up in the Department of Justice and Obama is protecting that coverup himself with Executive Privilege.

We already spoke of the cover up regarding the Libyan consulate disaster where four Americands, including a US Ambassador, were killed. The same has occurred with the hundreds of millions of dollars lost in the green energy debacles, where Obama cronie run companies received hundreds of millions of dollars for failing companies that the tax payers were left on the hook for, and those cronies walked away rich and donating to the Obama campaign woith our own money for HEavens sake! .

Obama promised that if he didn't fix the economy and do so convincgly in the first three years, his would be a one term proposition. Well?

The fact is, the American people need to know the truth and then make their decisions based on the truth and not on fabrication and false narrative. Obama cannot and should not escape from the responsibility and accountability for his massively failed policies which are in fact A Massive Train Wreck of the American economy, foreigh policy, and national interests. .

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are trying to inform the American people of the truth, economically, foreign policy wise, energy wise, socially, and in every other way imaginable.

I pray they are successful and that this tragic, terribly harmful administration ends before it can do even much more damage in another four years.

remember, amazingly, this President was caught on tape consorting with the Russian Prime Minister, asking him to pass on to the Russian President, Vladamir Putin, a former KGB Officer who wants to reestablish the odl days of Russian dominance in Europe and controtnation with the US, that if he would just wait until Obama had won thiss election, he would not be hampered by having to appease the American people and could be "much more flexible," in negotiations regarding national security issues.

This alone should cause this President o resign in disgrace, or be impeached. Read more about that, HERE: An American Lament in 2012.





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