The election is over. The only real poll was taken on November 2nd and it was not a sample. The largest numerical turnout in history spoke...Bush by 34 electoral votes (exactly what Texas is worth) and by 3.5 million votes. Although my own predictions were significantly higher for Bush, in my opinion, when it comes to traditional American values and to the foundational principles upon which this nation was founded, although he's not be the perfect epitome of constitutional conservativism, nonetheless, the country is far, far better off with George W. Bush at the helm .

The impact of this vote on our security, on the House of Representatives, on the Senate, and on Supreme Court will be significant We must continue to remain active and do all in our power to make sure that impact is a positive, constitutional one.

Here is a map of the final vote by state (using blue for the GOP and red for the DNC...much more fitting in my opinion).

...and here is perhaps an even more telling map, a tally by county across the nation using the same color scheme.

Although my own hopes for a larger victory were not realized, still, this victory sent a clear message and was no squeaker.

My biggest concern is the fact that over 55 million people voted for Kerry.

We have won a significant battle, but the war continues. It is a continuing, protracted struggle for the heart and soul of this great Republic. We are faced with an ideology and party that just put forward as their proposed Commander in Chief of our military and the leader of our nation, an individual who betrayed his comrades in arms and his nation for his own political gain, and who did it based on lies, fruad and deceit. He has never retracted those statments, he has never apologized or been held accountable for those actions. His twenty years in the senate is a clear indication that he had not changed and would have done the same as the leader of this nation. Thank God he was defeated.

But it is not done, we must continue to do all we can to defeat any party and ideology that would put forward such a choice to the voters of this nation. That would fool, mesmerize, take in and enlist tens of millions of our fellow citizens in such a cuase so opposed to every thing our nation was established uipon.

God grant that we will have the faith, the strength, and the will to continue the fight.


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