Excerpt From Chapter Two of Dragon's Fury - Trodden Under
Volume Two in the Dragon's Fury Series by JeffHead
Copyright 2002 by Jeff Head, All rights reserved

March 26, 2006, 90:23
ABS Broadcast Studios, “Meet the Nation”
New York City, New York

After the Senior Senator from California completed her comments, the well-known host turned to the Attorney General of the United States, Dean Byron Hull, and said.

“Mr. Hull, you must admit that the measures contained in these Executive Orders and Presidential Directives are unprecedented in the history of our nation. At a time when so many Americans are concerned about violence, the President has taken steps to make instruments of violence more prevalent than ever. The Senator from California has just raised some pointed concerns with respect to the constitutionality of the President’s unilaterally suspending laws enacted by Congress. Two high ranking members of the President’s administration have resigned over this.”

“So, one more time … isn’t the President bound to uphold the laws of the land as passed by the Congress? Isn’t anything short of that a violation of his oath of office? Isn’t that in fact, as the Attorney General, you job in this administration, to execute faithfully the laws of the United States as passed by Congress”

The Attorney General had expected a grilling. Many of those who had made names for themselves, and even careers, by seeking and enacting legislation to limit the use of firearms, were not taking the President’s Executive Orders and Presidential Directives well at all. Since he had so manifestly announced them earlier in the week, the leaders in the firearms control movement, in and out of political office, were trumpeting the issue for their own cause. However, public opinion and the sentiment in both houses of congress strongly backed the President.

“Fred, we have been over this several times already. The President himself has addressed these issues very directly, including a straight forward statement about the resignations. With all due respect to you and the Senator, these “unprecedented” actions are necessary precisely because we live in such unprecedented times and are confront such unprecedented attacks within our nation. We are at war, part of that war is now being waged within our own borders and hundreds, even thousands of our own citizens are being killed and terribly wounded. The Executive Branch is given broad ranging powers when it comes to repelling invasion and overcoming insurrection in such circumstances."

"What is happening here is that the President is simply exercising those powers. In this sense, the actions of the President are not nearly as precedent setting as those of Abraham Lincoln during the civil war when states legislative assemblies were cancelled and legislators imprisoned for how they might vote on the question of secession. So, from the executive powers standpoint, what the President is doing is responding as the Commander in Chief in directing the nation’s response to its enemies and the prosecution of the war. In so doing, every poll indicates he has the strong support of the vast majority of the people.”

“With respect to the oath of office, both for myself and the President … and for that matter for every governmental official and uniformed member of the armed forces, that oath is to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution. It is not an oath to any single person. It is not an oath to any group of persons, and it is not an oath to a set of laws outside of the Constitution. It is an oath to the Constitution and every one of us is bound by that oath to oppose any laws or actions that are not consistent with the Constitution. It is how each branch of government remains a watchdog over the actions of the others.”

“Some of our colleagues disagree with the actions of the President from a constitutional perspective and they are free to pursue the constitutional avenues of challenge. I do not think they will be successful. Clearly, gun ownership and possession is protected by the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution. “Shall not be infringed” is clear and unambiguous language. The history of the nation indicates that for a much longer period of time than some of the current legislation has been in existence, that fairly unrestricted ownership and possession of firearms was protected under the 2nd amendment. Nothing short of a constitutional amendment can change that, and there are questions if even that is possible in consideration of the founding principle of “unalienable rights”

“Fred, again, as I stated to you in my opening remarks today, this administration is committed to bearing true faith and allegiance to the Constitution … particularly in these trying circumstances. In fact, the current state of the nation makes it even more imperative. America’s security will be at increased peril if we continue to perpetuate the faulty reasoning inherent to such unconstitutional prohibitions."

The senior Senator from California could not contain herself and interrupted:

“Dean, I must say that I am ashamed of you. What you and the President and this administration are doing is using a horrific situation to push a radical, right-wing gun agenda on the rest of the nation. What you are doing is worse than shameful, it’s obscene. I tell you now, I along with a number of other Senators and representatives are going to do all we can to stop this … and if we cannot do it in the congress, we will take it to court.”

“I noticed you did not dwell too much on the resignations of the Director of the FBI or the head of FEMA. I think it is because they would agree with me when I say that this is nothing short of a malignant abuse of executive powers.”

The Attorney General had expected nothing less than unrelenting opposition from Senator Deanne Finestone. Her stand on all issues related to gun rights and their stringent control was well documented. It was why the producers of the “Meet the Nation” show had invited her to discuss the issue with the Attorney General. Not even in these dire circumstances could she be moved from her ideological position, never mind the fact that her position was in direct opposition to the simple wording of the second amendment itself.

Dean Hull, and a number of others in the administration, felt that her tenacious resistance to these initiatives and the Senator's relative soft pedaling of the whole conflict with the People’s Republic of China, were partly due to the close business and financial relations that she and her husband had maintained in long standing with entities within the People’s Republic … relations now a matter of discrete inquiry by the Justice Department for the possibilities of coercion, blackmail or influence given the Senator’s sensitive position.

But the fact that the network had invited her alone as the senior Senator from California onto the show was very telling. Originally, both Senators from California had been slated to be on the show with the Attorney General. In fact, the administration itself had expected similar abject opposition from California’s junior Senator as well. The circumstances surrounding the conspicuous absence of the junior Senator and her silence in this matter would now be the Attorney General’s “Ace in the Hole” in culminating his response to the comments by Senator Feinstone.

“Well Senator, once again with all due respect, I must say that our “radical” stance is much more in keeping with the views and actions of the individuals who founded this nation than what you propose. And in answer to the allegation you and others raise that they lived in a “different time”, let me answer that in this way. While the nation was smaller and much more agrarian, while the means of communication and travel were slower and while their firearms were primitive by today’s standards, one thing that has remained the same is the human heart. Those men understood human nature and provided for it in an inspired way in putting together the government that has endured for so long. In the midst of establishing it, they themselves stated how critical an armed populace was in preserving the government that they created. All other considerations aside, I will put my faith in what they crafted and in their own words concerning it.”

“With respect to your attempts to use the Congress or the Judiciary to reverse what the President started on the evening of the 20th … it is your right to pursue such an avenue with your colleagues if you wish. But you’d best hurry because the numbers of those colleagues are diminishing rapidly. Very few people misunderstand the import of what occurred on the 20th at Foothill Mall in Colorado, or on the 15th near Boise, Idaho. Armed citizens repelled enemy attacks. Armed citizens saved lives. If more had been armed, particularly at the mall itself, many less of our own citizens would now be dead or injured.”

“Like I say, people on both sides of the aisle are seeing this for the obvious truth that it is. Let me quote your own distinguished colleague, the junior Senator from California, Senator Crater in her press release yesterday,”

“While I have typically been associated with the gun control lobby, I will support the President in this initiative. These are perilous and terrible times which call for new ways of thinking. Perhaps after the crisis has past we can consider some common sense legislation once again. But in this crisis, and perhaps extending beyond it, I must support the President in arming more of our decent, law-abiding citizens so they might be in place to counteract such attacks and the loss of lives. Of course this has been made tragically and painfully obvious to me personally as a result of the loss of our dear nephew and niece at LAX earlier this week. That experience has caused me to rethink my stance on this issue like no other could.”
Senator Finestone’s demeanor was visibly impacted by the quote. She had always considered herself and Senator Crater as two of the leaders in the efforts to place strict controls on the so called and uniquely American “right” to own guns. That such verbiage would originate from the junior Senator was bad enough, that this lackey of what she considered to be an “out of control” administration would parade that verbiage in front of millions of Americans was just too much.

“Dean, that’s way out of line. How dare you use what was clearly an emotional statement made at a time of numbing grief to help push this agenda!”

For one instant, the Attorney General allowed his control slip as he, in turn, interrupted, the Senator. With eyes flashing briefly, he said,

“No Senator, how dare you doubt the seriousness of the situation, and how dare you ascribe your own agenda and ideology to a situation that clearly calls for us as a people to rise to the occasion and fight for our very survival. The tragic loss that Senator Crater’s relatives experienced is being shared by tens of thousands of families all across this nation, the vast majority of whom recognize the gravity of the situation. They agree with the President on what is required of us as a people to face it.”

Turning to the host of the show while noticing the clock, the Attorney General continued.

“Fred, even though time is short, let me just briefly review once again the essence of the President’s initiatives by citing the following five points:”

  • “First, the only convictions or accusations that the federal government will recognize and pursue with respect to denying gun ownership and possession to any citizen of this nation are prior felony convictions involving the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime. Any existing background checks will restrict themselves to those areas alone and must occur immediately with the burden being placed on the federal system. In other words, there will be no waiting period, and if there are any troubles with the system, the check will occur manually and the sale will proceed. The only transactions that will be disallowed will be those in which the system identifies an individual who has been convicted of such a crime.”

  • “Second, with the exception of fully automatic or any crew serviced weaponry or explosive devices, all limitations on the import and sale of firearms in the United States will be lifted. This includes all semi-automatic rifles, various types of ammunition and certain handgun bans and restrictions.

  • “Third, all records associated with points one and two being held or archived by any federal agency will be destroyed.”

  • “Fourth, the law enforcement operations of the BATF have been dissolved. Investigative operations will now operate as a branch if the Federal Bureau of Investigation and be known as the ATFID, the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Investigative Directorate. All future enforcement requirements will be the responsibility of the criminal division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and with respect to firearms, these will be restricted only to the two areas I mentioned in the first and second initiatives.”

  • “And, fifth, the President is urging and expecting Congress to submit to him bills for his signature to establish these initiatives in law. Suggestions for a Federal Firearm’s Act reflecting these measures will be forwarded to the Congress within the week.”
“So, Senator, I would humbly suggest that you put aside your commitment to an ideology and to principles that are so clearly out of touch with that reality and join with us, Senator, just as Senator Crater has done. Either way, the President has made it clear that this administration is going forward with the measures he announced three nights ago, and we are confident that we have the votes in Congress and the support of the judiciary to insure that that they are carried out.”