About the Series

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During a false peace…war breaks out!

It is over sixty years since the last world war ended. After great success in the War on Terror, the politicians and the analysts thought that another global conflict was impossible.

They were wrong!

The Dragon's Fury Series projects a future arising out of current events where:

  • Implacable enemies of America develop surprising and very lethal high-technology military capabilities of their own.
  • America's unsecured southern border allows tens of thousands of terrorists to infiltrate into the nation.
  • The New Economy of off-shore manufacturing and outsourcing severely curtails domestic production and bolsters future enemies.
  • Citizens' constitutional rights are eroded in a vain effort to ensure domestic security.
  • Three generations of Americans never challenged for survival, must fight with their own weapons for their very existence.
Come on this journey. Can America find the strength and the faith to prevail in a world-wide conflagration?

If you have ever pondered issues like these, and if you enjoy an exciting thriller, you owe it to yourself to read the Dragon's Fury Series.

...and if you do ponder those issues, then just imagine.

What if…

What if the entire election cycle of 2004 in the United States had gone entirely differently?

What if all of the fundamental Islamic nations united and then allied themselves with Red China?

What if the North Koreans were emboldened to make a massive invasion of South Korea?

The Dragon's Fury Series is that story…

It is a story of competing cultures and political systems, of strategies and technology, where the Red Chinese, the fundamental Islamic nations and other belligerent nations develop surprising technological advances that they mix with assymetrical warfare techniques and then employ them all against the West. It is about suppositions, arrogance, and the fact that neither side is going to do or be what the other side expects, no matter how good the plan.

It is a story of faith and the ultimate triumph of good over evil in the face of horrific obstacles and setbacks. From leaders in high offices of power, to the soldiers and sailors of the involved nations, to housewives and their children, down to kids on the street, it is also the story of people - common and not so common - caught up in the titanic struggle.

The series addresses key issues about current political, social and military practice, including how firm societal moral underpinnings makes a tremendous difference in a nation's ability to maintain a prolonged war effort. It is about the inherant dangers of off-shore outsourcing, the need for a firm immigration policy and controlled borders, the effects of unbridled military downsizing, the pitfalls of over reliance on high technology, and how "Homeland Security" can be most successfully employed, or how it could be abused...along with many, many more such considerations.

It sees the United States of America savaged by manipulating, committed and ruthless foreign leaders. And that savaging ultimately produces the will and fortitude of another "greatest generation" in America.

May those who read the series take pause in the potential for horror in today's current events, may they be heartened by the strength and vitality of a good, moral people, and may they be motivated to remain strong and committed to liberty...a liberty based on the unalienable rights of the individual, on the free will of those same individuals, on morality, on faith in the Hand of Providence and on individual accountability...at all levels.


Jeff Head
Updated December 2, 2004
Emmett, ID