About the Dragon's Fury Series Collector's Edition

The “Dragon’s Fury Series Collector's Edition” has literally resulted from the requests I have received from hundreds of fans of the series for a version that they could purchase all at once. These requests ranged from a boxed set of harbacks to a complete set of trade paperbacks. I ultimately decided on a single, large, finely bound hardback that contains all five volumes.

This is because I wanted to get the Volume costs for the series down over what they necessarily are for each individual trade paperback, and to find a way to improve the durability and quality of the product in the process. As a self-published series, without the economies of scale possible from large printings and distribution channels that a large publishing house can provide, the printing costs of the Dragon's Fury Series remain fairly high. By combining all five volumes into a single hardbound book, I am able to significantly reduce the cost of the whole series to the reader, and to do so with a product that is more durable and an excellent addition to anyone's library.

That is what has been done with the Dragon's Fury Series - Collector's Edition. I believe all of those who are fans of the series will really enjoy it. The cost to the reader is one half of the cost of buying all five trade paperbacks individually.

In addition, I have gone back over all of the volumes and attempted to remove the typos that had crept into the individual volumes as an unavoidable part of the self-publication process of a work of such large proportions. I will not promise that I got every single one...but I did get all of those that you, the readers, have pointed out to me over the last three years. I also added a comprehensive Maps and Illustrations section and a comprehensive Glossary of Terms.

The entire series remains a testament to faith, morality, virtue, honor, and courage...the foundational principles upon which the Republic, the United States of America, was founded, and the principles upon which all true liberty rests. It is also a warning regarding the times in which we live, and how we must remain eternally vigiliant against the forces, foreign and domestic, that would hinder and destroy those principles and the way of life and freedom that they enable.

I know the fans of the series will enjoy the Collector's Edition. I have one sitting proudly in my own library. See the COLLECTOR'S EDITION OFFICIAL WEB SITE. It wilol be available very soon online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BooksaMillion and Powells. I will follow up with an Adobe Reader eBook version.


Jeff Head
November 24, 2004
Emmett, ID

Pictures of the Hardback Edition of the Dragon's Fury Series