US National Security & Military Enhancement Proposal 2012-2024

The following plan is meant to enhance US national Security and the US Military posture for the 21st Century. It is based on a major US economic turnaround based on sound Free Market principles geared to US interests, energy independence, a balanced budget, stabilization of Social Security & Medicare & eliminating un-nessecary and wasteful entitlements & entire federal agencies. It is also based,under a conservative leadership in Washington, on adopting lower corporate and individual income taxes so the revenue to the treasury expands and increases significantly which will fuel the funding necessary to remain technologically superior by two generations to any potential enemy on earth, and to be in a position to contain and defeat any outbreaks of agression on a minimum of two major theaters, and one minor theater simultaneously. Follow the links below to each specific area of this far reaching proposal.



No nuclear weapons for Iran by whatever means necessary as quickly as possible. Make officill US Policy the regime change in Iran with the express goal of a secular republican principled representative government in Iran, friendly to the US within five years. Offer whatever aide necessary to secular, republican based citizens in Iran to achieve this goal, including intelligence, recon, logistics, supplies, weapons, and special forces and air support as necessary.
Develop a land based AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) capability using land based, 48 cell, SM-3 VLS missile units to deploy, with security forces, to whichever European and Asian or other allies who desire them and are willing to pay for them and their security and upkeep, including Japan, Korea and the Republic of China (Taiwan).
Urge the UK to build both of its new carriers in the catapault take-off and barrier assisted landing (CATOBAR) configuration, assisting them financially if necessary so that F-18, F-35, E-2D and other aircraft crossdecking can occur.
Assist the Republic of China in building eight modern AIP SS submarines of their own to a similar design as the US Navy will start building (see below).
Ensure that China is aware that the US Navy will enforce freedom of the seas and right of passage through the critical sea lanes in the China and South China Seas to our allies and will brook no bullying of Taiwan, the Philipines, South Korea, Japan or any other US ally in the region. On the other hand, ensure that the Chinese Navy (PLAN) and the PRC understand that we will cooperate with them on mutual interst against pirates, other rogue nations, and on humanitarian endeavors.
Upgrade and expand Guam's docking, repair, air field capacity, and self defense capabilities (its air defense, ballistic missile defense, and sea defenses). Forward deply a full squadron of F-22s, a full squardron of attack submarines and guided missiles destroyers and the necessary logistical assets to support them.
Become completely energy independent by 2020, and grow to be the largest net exporter of oil and energy in the world by 2025. Then inform the Middle Eastern (OPEC) and other nations who have held the US hostage to oil production whose governmental policies are an anathema to US policy, that they can drink their own oil for tea and suppplant them as the oil provider to our allies for cheaper prices, and through more secure sea lane delivery.
Forge closer economic and military ties with India, assisting them to convert from older Soviet block equipment to newer western (US) technologies. Work with them on Free Trade economic initiatives with the idea of a future alliance with them, perhaps inviting them into ASEAN.
Ensure that Pakistan knows that its relationship with the US is dependent upon strengthening its civil liberties, secular republican principles, engagement of the radcial islamics operating within its borders, and helping the US achieve its goal of the elimination of Al Quida and Taliban influence there. Continuously update plans for taking down and neutralizing Pakistan's nuclear weapons should any fundamental islamic regime appear emminent.
Ensure that the Israeli government and people understand that US policy is the protection of Israeli soveriegnty and defensible borders. That no peace with the Palestinians will be possible until the Palestinians completely repudiate Islamic terror and the destruction of Israel and until other Arabic nations (ie. Jordan, Egyt and Syria) agree to swap Gaza territories particularly for lands adjoining the West bank with their own and resettling Palestinians away from Gaza which would become soveriegn Israeli territory. In addition, Jeruselam would become the Israeli capital with the West Bank territories moved back at least 20 km away from Jerusalem.
Bring home regular US troops from foreign bases in nations that will not pay for their support and upkeep and where there is no over-riding strategic US interest in maintaining them there. For allied nations wanting our forces and willing to pay for their upkeep and stationing, and where there is a vested US interest, ensure that said basing is top notch for military and their families, and well secured with strong ROEs to ensure force and base protection.
Station National Guard forces along the Southern US border to act in a over watch capacity, doing recon, intelligence, and, where necessary, direct interdiction of illegal aliens, and particularly drug trafficers in support of the US Border Patrol which will be strengthened, tooled up with more Predator and Global Hawk drones, and will have a double fence, with periodic observation posts and staging areas for equipment and personnel all along the border to close down illegal entry into this nation. Committ one or two divisions of troops to this endeavor.
Develop and build two geosynchronous US Space stations that are joint NASA and US Military stations, with self-defense capabilities, and capable of BMD. Also capable of staging for inter-system missions to the Moon, Mars, the asteroid belts, and ultimately beyond, to Saturn and Jupiter's moons. Target the completion of the 1st station by 2024 and the second by 2028. Target a permanent base on the Moon by 2028, and the first manned mission to mars by 2032.


Keep all ten Nimitz class carriers until at least four Ford class are built, and then maintain 14 super carriers. Put our RFQs for and award a contract to build a second aircraft carrier construction site, either on the west coast or the gulf coast.
Keep all eight Wasp class amphibious assault ships, and continue building new America class vessels unti six have been built and then maintain 14 amphibious assault groups on a go forward basis.
Build 24 each of the two LCS class vessels (Freedom and Independence) and improve and upgrade them in a Flight II version that is more sound and sea worthy, adds more multi-mission capability to them by adding a 16 cell MK-41 VLS launcher, two eight cannister Harpoon launchers, and a 2nd RAM launcher to each vessel.
Continue building the new Virginia Class SSNs at a rate of two per year, and maintain a force of 60 SSN boats, decommmisionning the older Los Angeles Class boats to maintain this force level as time goes on.
Issue and RFQ for, award, develop and begin building a force of 24 stealthy, AIP diesel electric subs for littoral water warfare.
Build twelve Flight III Burkes along the lines of the Korean KDX-III Aegis vessel as a stop gap until a CGX design is completed and begins building by 2018. Build a total force of 24 AEGIS cruisers in this program.
Continue building Burke Class DDGs and maintain a force of 60 of these detroyers as time goes on, decommmissioning older vessels to maintain this force level, and upgrading the DDGs with the latest threat upgrades, AEGIS upgrades, etc. as time goes on.
Convert four more Trident Class SSBN submarines to SSGN classification for guided missile (Tomahawk) missiles by 2018. Maintian this force of eight SSGNs.
Develop and begin building a new class SSBN to begin replacing the Trident Class SSBN vessels by 2018. Build a total of 24 of these SSBN submarines and maintian that force level.
Build a total of eight Zumwalt class destroyers instead of three.
Accellerate the F-35C JSP Program and get these aircraft aboard the carriers as soon as possible.
Develop a new longer range air superiority fighter for the US Navy along the lines of the range and carry wieght of the F-14, which is stealthy and carries a new ALRAAM long range anti-air/missile missile. Build 200 of these 5th generation aircraft for the US Navy.
Develop an AEW version of the V-22 Osprey for deployment on all Wasp and America class Amphibious assault vessels. Build enough to maintain a wing of four aircraft for each of the fourteen vessel along with training and logistics. Approximately 75 aircraft. Offer an export version of this aricraft to our allies operating VSTOL carriers (ie. Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc.).
Develop an ASW version of the V-22 vessels for deployment on all US Nimitz and Ford class carriers, and America class vessels. Build enough to maintain a wing of four aircraft for each of the 20 vessels along with training and logistics. Approximately 120 aircraft. Offer an export version of this aricraft to our allies operating VSTOL carriers (ie. Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc.).
Develop an aerial refueling version of the V-22 to operate inconjunction with USMC F-35B aircraft off of the Wasp and America class Amphibious assault vessels. Build enough to maintain a wing of three aircraft for each of the 14 vessels along with training and logistics. Aprroximately 50 aircraft. Offer an export version of this aricraft to our allies operating VSTOL carriers (ie. Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc.).
Redesign, modernize and strengthen the Lockheed F-23 aircraft design into a modern, stealthy, medium to long range, 5th generation strike/attack airfraft and produce a total of 500 of these aircraft, including a naval variant, for use by US military forces - Air Force (300) and Navy (200).
Complete research, design and build UAVs for recon and ground attack missions from US aircraft carriers. The full production and capability outgrowth of the X-47B. Deploy one squardon of these for each carrier.
Full one for one replacement of P-3C Orion ASW aircraft with the new P-8 Posioden ASW aircraft.
Develop, build and deploy a working enclosed SEAL Team submersable good for a 50 mile round trip that will deploy a full Navy SEAL Team from existin ag SSGN, Sea Wolf, and Virginia Class Submarines.


Start the F-22 production line back up and build another 305 of them and maintain a force of 500 5th generation Raptors as opposed to 195.
Double down on the F-35 project and quickly get all three variants of this 5th generation strike fighter into major production and available to the US Air Force, US Navy, and US Marines, and our many allies who are waiting for them.
Complete reserch on and begin building the new Long Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B), a high altitude, stealthy bomber by 2018. Produce at least 100 of these 5th generation bomber aircraft.
Redesign, modernize and strengthen the Lockheed F-23 aircraft design into a modern, stealthy, medium to long range, 5th generation strike/attack airfraft and produce a total of 500 of these aircraft, including a naval variant, for use by US military forces - Air Force (300) and Navy (200).
Develop land-based BMD sites along the West Coast, in Alaska, in Canada, and along the East Coast and Southern Borders, building six sites in each area by 2022.
Upgrade and build more C-17 Globemaster aircraft and maintain at least 400 of these trasnport aircraft.
Maintain a force of at least 50 hyper velocity, high altitude, stealthy strategic reconnaisence/strike aircraft for deployment from the US to anyhwere in the world.
Begin building the KC-46 new generation strategic in-air tanker/refueling aircraft based on the 767. Begin building by 2014 and implementation into service by 2018. 180-200 aircraft requirement.
Design and build long range, high-altitude, long loiter advanced recon UAVs and bring them into production by 2018, targeting a force level of 60 aircraft.
Develop and produce a SSTO launch vehicle for all medium to heavy lift US space requirements by 2018.
Develop and build a new reusable, powered flight shuttle for carrying US NASA and Military personnel into space and begin building this spacecraft by 2016, with the initial spacecraft completed by 2018. Plan for buildinga minimum of 8 such spacecraft.


Station the National Guard force mentioned above along the border as necessay, and supported by regular US Forces when required, to destroy the drug cartels operating within Mexico along the US southern border.
Research and develop a new Main Battle tank which could later be upgraded to rail-gun capabilities with a goal to begin production by the year 2018. Maintain a total force of at least 2000 MBTs for the US Military forces.
Research, develop, and begin producing a new Ground Combat Vehicle (GBC) to replace Bradley and other US Military IFV and APC equipment with a goal to begin production in 2018.
Research, develop, and begin producing a new self-propelled howitzer to replace the Paladin 155mm system, reconsidering the NLOS program to begin production in 2016.
Develop and build a new scout/attack stealth helicopter along the lines of the cancelled Commanche.
Continue development of advanved, next generation, stealthy Reaper recon/attack UAVs and smaller, micro-UAVs for use at the platoon and company level for reconnaissance and intelligence. If any of these aircraft crash in hostile territory or are in danger of capture, have fail-secure methods for their destruction, or immediately mount (and have prepared beforehand) strike missions to destroy them before enemy forces capture them.


Accelerate and build the VSTOL F-35B Joint Strike Fighter for the US Marines and begin replacing them on Wasp and America class vessels by 2018.
Research and develop and begin building a US Marine Corps attack drone for use off the America and Wasp class vessels by 2016.
Research, develop, build and begin deploying a new US Marine amphibious fighting vehicle for production by 2016.
Research, develop, build and begin deploying a new US Marine Ship to Shore Craft to replace the aging LCAC for production by 2016.


Build an additional four National Security Cutters over the eight planned for the US Coast Guard and maintain a force of twelve such vessels, adding an eight cell Mk-41 VLS capability that can be installed when necessary, provisions for two, four missile Harpoon cannisters if necessary, and adding a RAM missile defensive weapon to each, in addition to their existing 57 mm main gun and CIWS.
Build a total of 24 Coatsal Patrol Cutters for the US Coast guard, arming them with a stabilized 35mm auto cannon, and one Sea-RAM defensive missile system.
Build all of the new 120 ft Sentinal class cutters currently planned for the US Coast Guard, armed with a 25mm stabilized gun, four .50 cal. machine guns, and with provisions for MANPADS AAW missiles when required.




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