A proposal for an Act of Congress that if inacted and maintained, would destroy the Progressive Liberal Agenda in the United states permanently. The progessive liberals have created a voting block that is absolutely based on a pure conflict of intewrest and encourages the worst in human nature for thier own poiltical power and gain. It is time we put an end to it and elevated and helped all American citizens.


1.0 Introduction:
Voting is an indespensable responsibility of citizens in any free republic. Voting in the United States of America must be unimpeded for US citizens, and cannot occur under the influence of any coersion, intimidation, or conflict of interest. Free, unhindered voting by such American citizens, free of coersion, intimidation, and conflict of interest is therefore a vital imperative and this Act ensures that voting in the United States of America rises to and maintains this critical standard.

2.0 Voting:
Only US citizens shall be allowed to vote in any government election in any state or territory of the United States of America.

3.0 Voter Registration:
Any person desiring to vote in any government election must produce a valid voter registration card at the time of voting.

3.1 Voter Registration ID Card Issuance:
Voter Registration cards, including a picture ID, will be provided to all applicants, free of cost to them, who can prove both of the following:
3.1.1 That the applicant is a US citizen over the age of 18. Citzenship can be confirmed by any one of the followinfg documents: An originbal or registered copy of their birth certifcate showing their birth within any state or territory of the United States of America. A current US Passport showing their citizenship status. Official documentation from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services granting full US citizenship and date. A prior Voter registration card upon renewal.
3.1.2 That the applicant does not derive more than half of their income from any form of governemnt assitance or welfare. This can be verified at the time of issuance by: An applicant's tax record from any one of the prior four years showing the same. Other documentation showing the applicants sources of income based which will be verified by the IRS or other government agency before isusance of the card.
For the purposes of this Act, the following sources are not considered as assistance or welfare:
3.1.a Any government or private pension or retirement.
3.1.b Disability pay.
3.2 Voter Registration Card infromation:
Voter registration cards will include particular information and a photo ID of the applicant sufficient to identify the holder of the card. This will include:
3.2.1 A current picture ID of the applicant taken at the time of the issuance of the card.
3.2.2 The following information of the applicant: The applicant's full legal name The applicant's current address The applicant's age The applicant's date of birth The applicant's place of birth The date of ussuance of the card
3.2.3 The voter registration card will be protected by current electronic technology that encrypts, protects, and maintains the data on the card.
3.3 Voter Registration Card Renewal.
Voter Registration Cards will be required to be renewed every eight years and will occur as desribed in sections 3.1 and 3.2 of this Act.

4.0 Enforcement and Penalties:
Voting for any governmental election will be strictly enforced and protected by law enforcement. The following penalities will by enforced for the documented crimes, with the listed penalties upon conviction. There will be no possibility for plea bargains or reduction in sentence, irrespective of time served or behavior while serving, for these penalties:

4.1 Voter fraud.
Any individual attempting to obtain or use a fraudluent voter registration card, or to use someone else's card for the purposes of voting in an election within any state or territory of the UNited States shall, on conviction, be guilty of a Fedreral felony and be subject to the following penalties:
4.1.1 First conviction: 5 years in prison and a 50,000 fine
4.1.2 second conviction: 10 years in prison and a 150,000 fine.
4.1.3 Third Convition : 25 year sin prison and a 1,000,000 fine.
4.1 Voter intimidation.
Any individual attempting to coerse or initimidate any voter through force or violence, threat of force or violence, blackmail, or any other illegal method for the purposes of forcing or changing the vote of another, or to obtain someone's voter registration card, shall, on conviction, be guilty of a Fedreral felony and be subject to the following penalties:
4.1.1 First conviction 10 years in prison and a 100,000 fine
4.1.2 second conviction: 15 years in prison and a 250,000 fine.
4.1.3 Third Convition : Life in prison and a 1,000,000 fine.

5.0 Summary:
This Act is for the sole purposes of ensruing the integrity, leaglity, and insurance of the vote within the United States of America. The ability for citizens to vote without the threat or influence of coersion, intimidation, or conflict of interest, is indespensable to the viability and maintenance of freedom and liberty in the United States. We ignore or become apathetic about this vital responnsibilty at the mortal peril to us all.

The Congress that passed such an Act, and the president who signed it into law, would be true American heroes and patriots. There would be provisions necessary that I am sure I have not included here..

That Congress and Administration would also have to enact recovery legislation that would hep the millions of Americans who have been taken in, beguiled, and acclimated to an envoronment of malaise and non-achievement...in short an envoironment of abject dependency...to be brough back into the American main stream and free market. It would have to be based upon the fundamental Judaeo-Christian principles of charity and help that are the hallmark of America.

The resulting tax laws, the enabling of the free market, the rewarding of innocation, and the re-establishment of the underlying, foundational principle of this Republic would serve to erase this blight in our nation within a geneation, and to see sustained improving conditions for all of those so effected by these charlatains.

God grant that we the People can stand up and seek out, find, and elect men and women with the courage, commitment, and virtue to make it happen.

Jeff Head
Idaho, USA
July 2015

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