San Bernadino

There are some serious questions that need to be asked about what is happeneing in the United States.

One of them IS NOT about further restrictions on firearms for law abiding citizens. Quite frankly, the best solution to criminals of any type (be they individuals, or radicalized groups) is NOT TO DISARM THE PEOPLE. Rather it is to have as many law abiding, honest citizens armed as possible.

In that scenario, if two or three people walk into a crowded conference room of fifty, with the intent to kill, as soon as the peope in the conferernce room see it ebgin to happen, then ten or more people immediately return fire and elminate the threat...then ensure that the perpetrators bodies are not near their firearms, layt down their own weapons, and wait for police to arrive.

A Serious Questions Every American Should Ask:

No, the actual questions we shouldbe asking are these. As regards these mass shootings...

1. Why is it from 2002 to 2007 did we experience something like 57 total incidents, but from 2008 to 2013 the number went to 118? Why has that trend continued upwards since?
Let me try and answer.

What happened during these time periods in the United States that was different? One critical thing that happened is that we had a new President elected in 2008 who promised to fundamentally change America, Barack Obama.

He has been the most devisive President in living memory and probably in at least 125 years if not more. He constantly weighs in on local crime, particularly involving any minority, and asserts things, usaullly against law enforcement, that are simply later proven to be false.


But his involvement serves to agitiate and legitimize the false natrratives against law enforcement and in support of agendas by minorities to commit acts of civil untrest that invariably have violent acts embedded within them. This is exactly what occurred in Ferguson, Missouri. The involvemt of the President thus serves to institute part of the fundamental change he has promised...and I do not believe it is accidental.

Obama's Fundamental Change:

Second, when it comes to Isalmic fundamentalists, this President himselfindicated that should public opinion turn against Islam, that he would stand on the side if Islam. Why is that? Why make such a blanket statement? It is clear from his actions in the Mid East, to his statements about refugees that this President sympathises with those of Islamic persuassion...and apparently irresepctive of their underlying aims. This serves to encourage those who would bring their radicalization to these shores, and particularly who want to implement Sharia Law, which is wholly incompataible with the US COnstitution, in this nation.

This is more of Obama's fundamental change.

Syrian Refugees

His recent inistance that the United States take somewhere between 10,000 and 200,000 Syrian Muslim reuhgees. He does this despite knowing that ISIS is infiltrating those refugees and promises to bring their radical JIhad to western nations. we have now seen proof positive of this in Paris. Current estimates put the ISIS sympathizers in the ranks of the refugees at somewhere arounf 13%. Despite this, and his own leaders of the FBI and Homeland Security saying that we cannot vet these refugees adequately, Obama's insistance that we accept such abject danger to our cizens is further proof of this President's culpability in these matters.

Finally, we should remember that this President, through the BATF and FBI and his appointees to those organizations, sought to sell and traffic illegal weapons to drug trafficers in Mexico so that they would then use those weapons in crime in the United States so that they could then further regulate gun ownership in America. Do your reserach on, the "Fast and Furious" scandal, and the ongoing coverup of that atrocious endeavor.

Fast & Furious

Another Serious Questions Every American Should Ask:

So that helps answer number one, as to why all of this is escalating. The American people simply then need to ask:

2) If our president would do the follwoing four things:
  1. Encourgae minority agitation and anti-law enforcement behavior through false (or at best, premature) narratives.
  2. Encourgae Islamic fundamentalists by openly saying that he will side with them if public opinion turns against them.
  3. Push for tens or hundreds of thousands of ISslamic refugees from war torn Syria and IRaq who cannot be proerrly vetted.
  4. Attempt to run guns to criminal drug elements in the hopes of crime and mayhem that can be used to further regulate guns
Then what is to say that he will not use other radicals, coming to this country committing further mayhem to further advance his politcal agendas and his fundamental transformation of America?
The facts are that all of these type of events are rising percipitpously under this President.

Relating it all back to the San Bernadino Massacre:

Now, what just happened in San Berandino is further illustration of several of these issues.

  • You have a Muslim man, Syed Rizwan Farook, a U.S Citizen whose parents are from Pakistan, who goes to Saudi Arabia for a month and finds a wife.
  • You have a Pakistani born Muslim woman, Tashfeen Malik, living in Saudi Arabia, who comes back to the US with Syed.
  • Within a year Syed and Tashfeen take rifles, pre-built pipe bombs, and body armor into a Christmas Party hosted by Syed's employer, and kill or injure over 30 people.

Syed and Tashfeen

This raises some more critical questions:

  1. What vetting process did Tashfeen Malik go through?
  2. Was Tashfeen radicalized in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan?
  3. Did Tashfeen radicalize Syed, did the local Mosque help in it?
  4. Who else was involved?
Syed, approved by the U.S. State Department, brought Tashfeen Malik into this nation. The two then particpated in their own "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" and killed and wounded over 30 innocents.

About 11:40 AM PAcific Time in San Bernadino, Syed was at the Crhistmas Party being hosted by the Country Health department he worked in. He had attended the same part the year before in the same conference room. He abruptly left, looking nervous according to witnesses that survived, and reutned about 20 minutes later with Tashfeen. They entered the room and immediately, indisriminately opened fire. Within a very short time they were finished, exited the building, and then they left in a black SUV...leaving 14 dead and 17 wounded.

About 3-4 hours later, searching for the black SUV, Officers following leads to a house in Redlands, California, about 15 minutes away from the shooting scene. POlice saw a vehicle matching the black SUV that was involved in the shooting. Officers followed the vehicle and a chase ensueed. Police officers said that druing the chase the suspects fired at officers from their vehicle, and the officers returned fire. At the end of the chase, officers were again fired upon by the suspects from the car, and again returned fire. The SUV ended up being riddled with bullets, and both Syed and Tashfeen were killed at the scene. One police officer was wounded in the shootout but is expected to recover.

Police officials say that the suspects were wearing “assault-style” tactical clothing and were armed with assault rifles and handguns. A suspicious explosive device was found near the car. Police say that more possible explosive devices was also found inside the building where the intial shoointgs occurred. These were handled by explosive ordinance personnel from law enforcement.

These two did not decide on the spur of the moment to do this. Clearly, they had planned for it and they chose the time and place for it. They had amassed weapons, explosives, and tactical clothing to accomplish their deadly, horrif task of killing innocent Americans. They then went out and did so.

Clearly, two radicalized Muslims committed Johad here on American soil.

The two brothers in Boston did the same thing. The Muslim Major, HAsan, did the same thing at Ft. Hood. A muslim man did the same thing at a recuritment center in the south. These things are happening with more and more frequency, and law abiding, loayal Maerican citiz3ens and their firearms are not the problem. To the contrary, when these things happen, at the moment of attack...they can and should be the answer.

This is what we Americans should be focusing on like a laser.

What Should We Do:

How do we combat this? Here are nine direct, very practical things we can do:

  1. Arm as many honest, law-abiding Americans as want to be armed. Do so in the work place, in school rooms, in churchs, in movie theaters, etc.
  2. Institute a nation-wide conceal and/or open carry for any citizen who is not a felon, of sound mind, and is a US citizen, including firarm training in support of item number 1.


  3. Outlwaw the teaching of Sharia Law in any Mosque in this country. Sharia Law is a political governance system that is anti-thesis to the U.S. Constituion.
  4. Only allow refugees into the U.S. whose background is documented and can be vetted. Spending two years vetting those with no data is ludicrous and dangerous.
  5. Stop all immigration and refugee programs from any nation containing any radical Islamic population until number three is fully implemented.


  6. Build the Southern Border Fence (double fencing, set in concrete, with a 30 yard space between) and patrol roads on the US Border side.
  7. Strengthen the US Border Patrol and station National Guard units along the border to assist the Border Patrol with airborne surveillance and rapid respons bases.
  8. Require all illegal aliens in the country to turn themselves in for deportation. If they have a clean criminal record, allow them to apply for legal immigration.
  9. Any criminal, or radical affiliation of illegal aliens puts them on a zero tolerance, no immigration list. They are imprisoned until sentence is filled and then deported.


Things like this will protect America and return us to a sane immigration and refugee policy. One that unites us all as Americans, instead of dividing us.

There are many more things we can do...but the types of questions outlined above must be asked, and then answered by the American citiznery. Not by the media. not by career politicians. Not by political appointees or pundits.

Then the American citizenry simply must vote for cadidates whom they honestly believe will implement measures like those above.

Nothing else will do.


God bless us all to personally become involved and educate ourselves on these matter, and may God continue to beless the United States of America.

Jeff Head
Idaho, USA
December 2015

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