Critical Endorsements and Support for Mitt Romney for President in 2012
Last Updated: August 12, 2012


In order to defeat Barack Hussein Obama in November of 2012, Mitt Romney will have to garner support from as broad a base as possible, within the constraint of the fundamental moral and republican principles that lay at the root of our Republic and its constitution, upon which they have thrived for well over 225 years. As this list shows, in the most important election of our life time, where the failed big government, statist policies rooted in socialism and marxism represented by Barack Hussein Obama which are not only failing us, but destroying us, are pitted against the Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian constitutional republican principles of the Free Market, individual liberty, state's rights, it appears that Mitt Romney is finding that support. Look at this list and see how broad a spectrum they span and understand, that in today's world, with today's society, that span is necessary (again within those fundamental constraints) to decisvely win and govern our nation.
SARAH PALIN endorses Romney/Ryan ticket. (also in a FoxNews Interview) (August 12, 2012)

"Congratulations to Mitt Romney on his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. I’m excited that now we have a team of Romney-Ryan that will certainly offer an alternative to the vision that Barack Obama and Joe Biden have for America. Where the Obama ticket believes that growing government and taking away about personal freedoms, and the corresponding responsibility that comes with our freedoms, taking that away from Americans. And this conflict of vision that we’ll see on the other side is a sound and secure vision for America that understands the free market, that understands what it takes to get the economy roaring back to life. We must now look to this new team, the Romney/Ryan ticket, to provide an alternate vision of an America that is fiscally responsible, strong, and prosperous--an America that understands and is proud of her exceptional place in the world and will respect those who fight to secure that exceptionalism, which includes keeping our promises to our veterans.

"Barack Obama's record is one of dismal failure, which is why he isn't talking about it. He would rather spend his time demonizing his opponents. The simple fact remains that Mitt Romney is not responsible for the dire state of our economy or the corruption and incompetence of the current administration. I believe that there will be a strengthening, more enthusiasm because this ticket represents the message that this campaign is about the economy and with Paul Ryan, who is known for his conscientious concern for our budget and for getting America out of debt — this makes it tougher for Obama to do his continual distracting and dividing and pivoting off the economy because this ticket represents this campaign is about the economy

"Over the next 86 days, Barack Obama will try to distract us from his record. Many in the media will roll along with him in this mission. He’ll be vetted but there is a lot of us who will have his back and we will call out the media for their lies, for their distortions as they try to thrash his reputation and his record. We must not let them continue the deception and distractions, and we must not be afraid to call the President out on his lies. His entire record in office exposes the false promises he made four years ago.

"Please focus on the presidential race and on helping Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, but it's also imperative that we get involved in the nation's important House and Senate races. These candidates need our help to ensure that our next president has a responsible and ethical Congress that actually gets things done for America. Now on to November!.”

RAND PAUL endorses Mitt Romney (June 7, 2012)

“Well, you know, my first choice had always been my father. But now that the nominating process is over, tonight, I am happy to announce I am supporting Governor Romney.

"Governor Romney and I actually have quite a few similarities. Governor Romney's dad ran for president and was unsuccessful. Governor Romney then went on to support the nominee, the same way his dad did. Governor Romney comes from a big family and so do I. I come from a family with five kids. Governor Romney has five kids. He's had a long and happy marriage. So, have my parents. We have a lot of the same family values and trust and feeling of the importance of the family unit. So, that draws a kinship between our families. I met with him recently, I had about a 30-minute meeting with him. He was nice enough to meet with me when he was in Washington recently. We talked about a lot of issues. It was a free-ranging discussion.

" We talked about issues frankly that are very important to me, that are important to my dad. And many of these Governor Romney's already taken a position on. One of the big issues for our supporters, for myself and my dad is auditing the Fed. We think there needs to be more transparent in the Fed and more oversight by Congress. And this is something that Governor Romney was supportive of throughout his campaign and also in private to me. There has been legislation recently, SOPA that Governor Romney came out in the debates and was opposed to, which would take away some of the process of ownership on the Internet. And we were very afraid that it would limit Internet freedom. Governor Romney's right there with us on those issues. So, I think there's a lot of kinship on those issues. Another big issue for me is the Rains Act. I am the chief sponsor in the Senate on a bill that would say that any major regulation that would cost the economy over $100 million should have to come back and be voted on in Congress. And Governor Romney's right there with me on that issue.

" One thing that Governor Romney would do as a president \is he would actually bring a more balanced approach to regulation. We are going to have some regulation. Some regulation actually protects the environment. But President Obama has allowed the tilt and the balance to go so far that he's crushing business.

" I know Governor Romney will allow the Keystone Pipeline to occur. I know that he will encourage the oil and gas industry and he won't say, oh, this is terrible that corporations make money. That's the kind of attitude that's making companies want to go overseas. We need to encourage companies to stay and come back to America, not leave the country.

" In my discussions with him I brought forward exactly what I believe, that there should be checks and balances, that the right to declare war starts with the legislature. It's important that we separate these powers. We had a very good and honest discussion about these things and I came away with a feeling that he will be a very responsible commander-in-chief. I don't think he will be reckless, I don't think he will be rash. And I think that he realizes and believes as I do that war's the last resort and something that we don't rush into. And I came away feeling that he'll have a mature attitude towards foreign policy.

" So, I think we have a lot in common, a lot of things that we will be able to fight together on."

NANCY REAGAN endorses Mitt Romney (May 31, 2012)

“I offer my firm endorsement of Mitt Romney's campaign for president. Ronnie would have liked Gov. Romney's business background and his strong principles, and I have to say I do too. I believe Mitt Romney has the experience and leadership skills that our country so desperately needs, and I look forward to seeing him elected president in November.”

MIKE HUCKABEE endorses Mitt Romney (May 31, 2012)

“I was very careful and deliberate in not wanting to get involved in the process prior to somebody securing the nomination, largely because I play on both radio and television. I didn’t feel it was appropriate for me to pick a Republican candidate. I don’t think anyone doubted that I was going to support the Republican. But Mitt Romney has now earned it — and I use that term very specifically. He worked hard to get it and therefore I think all Republicans and all conservatives need to rally around Gov. Romney.

"So, I made it very clear: I’ll do everything that I can to vigorously support Mitt Romney because I think our country is at stake, and I believe his leadership would provide the right direction as opposed to what we’ve had for four years, which is the wrong direction.

“Four years ago, we were opponents. There’s a lot that happens when you are running against somebody in a primary, but it’s not personal between Mitt Romney and me. It’s about our country, and quite frankly, Mitt has worked hard. He has my absolute and full support. I think when you look at what Obama has done and what Mitt Romney brings to the table in terms of being able to manage something, for heaven’s sakes, Mitt's managed a state, he’s managed a significant capital enterprise, he’s managed a huge non-profit endeavor, the Olympics, and done it all successfully. Barack Obama came to the presidency having managed nothing, not so much as a hot dog stand. And this country is struggling because of it.

"I am going to do everything I can humanly do for Mitt Romney to be the next president.”

CONDOLIZA RICE endorses Mitt Romney (May 30, 2012)

"We care about the future of this country, and the future of our world and I’m delighted to join so many friends here in supporting, and in my case, endorsing, Gov. Mitt Romney for President of the United States. If America is going to rebuild its strength at home, rebuild its sense of who we are, it needs a leader that also understands how really exceptional the United States of America is, and is not afraid to lead on the basis of that exceptionalism. America's leadership is craved in this world, it’s understood in this world. The only thing the American people dislike more than weak leadership, is no leadership at all. And Governor Romney, you can bring it back."

GEORGE SHULTZ endorses Mitt Romney (May 30, 2012)

"“What Mitt has done at Bain Capital has been a major contribution to the American economy. He has learned and instinctively can feel what it takes to get this huge amount of money that is sitting on the sidelines of our economy to move forward and be invested."

GEORGE W. BUSH endorses Mitt Romney (May 15, 2012)

"I'm for Mitt Romney."

RICK SANTORUM endorses Mitt Romney (May 7, 2012)

"I was impressed with the Governor's deep commitment to economic policies that preserve and strengthen families. He clearly understands that having pro-family initiatives are not only the morally and economically right thing to do, but that the family is the basic building block of our society and must be preserved. There are many other significant areas where Governor Romney and I agree. The need for lower taxes, smaller government, and a reduction in out-of-control spending. We certainly agree that abortion is wrong and marriage should be between one man and one woman. I am also comfortable with Governor Romney on foreign policy matters, and we share the belief that we can never allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons. Above all else President Obama must be defeated. The task will not be easy. It will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious. Governor Romney will be that nominee and he has my endorsement and support to win this, the most critical election of our lifetime."

NEWT GINGRICH endorses Mitt Romney (May 6, 2012)

"Mitt Romney is a solid conservative. I think you have to come down to what's the choice this November, and the choice is the most radical president in American history and a failed president at the economy and somebody who has a solid record on jobs and who in fact, on basic principles is a conservative. I'll do everything I can to help elect Romney and I'll do everything I can to help the Senate and to help the House Republicans. I'm not sure what endorsement means beyond that. I will be campaigning with Mitt in the near future."

MICHELLE BACHMAN endorses Mitt Romney (May 5, 2012)

"This is the last chance we have to keep America from going 'forward,' over the cliff, as Governor Romney said, and restore the values of prosperity and freedom,. This is the opportunity for conservatives, independents, and disaffected Democrats to join me and Governor Romney in denying Obama a second term. On November 6th, the only option is Mitt Romney for President." ."

RICK PERRY endorses Mitt Romney (April 26, 2012)

"Mitt Romney has earned the Republican Presidential nomination through hard-work, a strong organization, and disciplined message of restoring America after nearly four years of failed job-killing policies from President Obama and his administration. So today I join the many conservative Republicans across the nation in endorsing Mitt Romney for President and pledge to him, my constituents and the Republican Party that I will continue to work hard to help defeat President Obama. Mitt's vision and record of private sector success will put America back on the path of job creation, economic opportunity and limited government." ."

RUDY GIULIANI endorses Mitt Romney (April 23, 2012)

"When I look at where we are as a nation and the challenges we face, I am convinced that Mitt Romney will provide a clear contrast to President Obama. Whether it was creating jobs in business, rescuing the Olympics, or turning around Massachusetts’ $3 billion budget deficit, he has proved, time and again, that he excels at turning around difficult situations. He has also proposed a bold economic plan that will help families that have been crushed by President Obama’s failed policies. With his plan to create more jobs, reduce our debt, and scale back the size of government, America will be back on the road to prosperity. I’m proud to support Mitt Romney and encourage all those who worry about our country’s future to do the same."

MITCH MCCONNELL endorses Mitt Romney (April 17, 2012)

"I support Governor Romney for president of the United States. And he is going to be the nominee. As you have noticed, the party is in the process of unifying behind him."

HERMAN CAIN endorses Mitt Romney (April 16, 2012)

"I will support Mitt Romney. And one of the tasks that I have that I'm committed to, as part of this revolution on the hill, and meeting with some key leaders, is we've got to get over the past differences, because Mitt Romney will be 200% times better than Barack Obama. To Newt Gingrich I would say, Speaker Gingrich, with all due respect, let's get on with this, Okay? You made a great run. Let's go ahead and clean this up so we can start focusing on defeating Barack Obama in November."

“I’ve met with Romney privately — and now I’m telling everyone publicly, if Mitt Romney wasn’t your favorite candidate for the Republican nomination: Get over it. We need unity to take back the White House, the Senate and keep control of the House of Representatives. I now call on the millions of Americans who want to end disastrous government policies that compromise our freedom and prosperity to do the same and help Gov. Romney win in November.” (From Newsmax 5/16/2012) .”

DICK CHENEY endorses Mitt Romney (April 14, 2012)

"I want to urge all Republicans to unite behind Mitt Romney as the GOP niminee for president. I think Mitt Romney will do a whale of a job, both as a candidate and as a president.”

PAUL RYAN endorses Mitt Romney. (March 30, 2012)

"I am convinced that Mitt Romney has the skills, the tenacity, principles, the courage and integrity to do what it takes to get America on track. I think this primary has been productive, I think it's been constructive. But no we need to coalesce around Mitt Romney and focus on the task, which is defeating Barack Obama.”

MARCO RUBIO endorses Mitt Romney. (March 29, 2012)

"It’s increasingly clear that Mitt Romney’s gonna be the Republican nominee. We’ve got to come together behind who I think has earned this nomination and that’s Mitt Romney. I have zero doubt in my mind of two things: No. 1, that Mitt Romney will govern as a conservative, and No. 2, that he will be head and shoulders better than the guy who’s in the White House now..”

JIM DEMINT endorses Mitt Romney. (March 22, 2012)

"I can tell conservatives from my perspective that I'm not only comfortable with Romney, I'm excited about him being our nominee.”

JEB BUSH endorses Mitt Romney. (March 21, 2012)

"Congratulations to Governor Mitt Romney on his win last night and to all the candidates for a hard fought, thoughtful debate and primary season. Primary elections have been held in thirty-four states, and now is the time for Republicans to unite behind Governor Romney and take our message of fiscal conservatism and job creation to all voters this fall. I am endorsing Mitt Romney for our Party’s nomination. We face huge challenges, and we need a leader who understands the economy, recognizes more government regulation is not the answer, believes in entrepreneurial capitalism and works to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed.”

JOHN LEHMAN endorses Mitt Romney. (March 21, 2012)

"Well, first, the reason that I have been actively supporting Governor Romney is I’ve spent a lot of time with him. And he is, without question, the Republican who really gets it in defense. He has a strategic mindset. He understands the way of the world works. And he understands the importance of strong deterrence. He has been able to grasp, I think very quickly, what is so severely wrong with the way we’re procuring weapons, which is just out of control and is unilaterally disarming us.”

BOB MCDONNELL endorses Mitt Romney. (January 20, 2012)

"I’ve decided to support Mitt Romney for President. I think he’s a results-oriented conservative, I think he’s the best leader to get America back on track to create jobs, to get this national debt under control, and I’m delighted to be supporting Mitt Romney,”

"We’ve got great candidates in the race, any one of them would be better than President Obama in being a strong leader, creating jobs and getting our debt under control, but Mitt Romney’s got a proven record, he’s a results-oriented conservative, and he’s got the record of creating jobs.

“If you want to win the race in November, vote for Mitt Romney. He’s the best candidate that we’ve got to beat President Obama,”

ROB PORTMAN endorses Mitt Romney. (January 19, 2012)

"Mitt Romney is the one candidate who will be able to defeat President Obama in November and bring conservative change to Washington. Four years ago, President Obama came to Ohio and promised to change the broken system in Washington and fix our economy - he has failed on both counts. Mitt Romney has been a lifelong leader who has shown how to bring people together to turn around tough situations. And right now, that's exactly what our nation needs. Americans can be proud to stand behind Mitt -- he has balanced budgets, cut taxes, and created jobs.”

JOHN HUNTSMAN endorses Mitt Romney. (January 16, 2012)

"I believe it is now time for our party to unite around the candidate best equipped to defeat Barack Obama. Despite our differences and the space between us on some of the issues, I believe that candidate is Governor Mitt Romney. This is the most important election of our lifetime.”.

JOHN BOLTON endorses Mitt Romney. (January 12, 2012)

"Of all the candidates, Mitt Romney possesses the strongest vision for America’s leadership role in the world, and I am proud to endorse him.”

JOHN MCCAIN endorses Mitt Romney. (January 4, 2012)

"I'm here for one reason and one reason only, and that is to make sure that we make Mitt Romney the next president of the United States of America.Our message for President Barack Obama is you can run but you can’t hide from your record of making this country bankrupt, from destroying our national security and to making this nation one that we have to restore with Mitt Romney as the president of the United States of America.”

NIKKI HALEY endorses Mitt Romney. (December 16, 2011)

"Today is the day that I’m throwing all of my support behind Mitt Romney for president. What I wanted was someone who knew what it was like to turn broken companies around. Now more than ever, we need someone who has the leadership to deal with a broken Washington. You put all these candidates together and you have one perfect candidate. But you are never going to have a perfect candidate.”

CHRISTINE O'DONNELL endorses Mitt Romney. (December 13, 2011)

"It was not an easy decision because I think any of our candidates would make a great president and a great candidate going against Barack Obama, but I think there are certain tie breakers and I think infrastructure and executive experience are important. But, for me, this endorsement comes down to trust. I am endorsing Governor Romney because I trust him to do the right thing. He has the strength of conviction to do the right thing regardless of opposition. America needs a president who is not a Washington Insider. America needs a president who hasn't been playing the game for the last three decades. America needs a president who can turn our economy around, put Americans back to work, and will lead with stability, integrity and the values that we hold dear. Mitt Romney will be that president.”

JOHN SUNUNU endorses Mitt Romney. (October 24, 2011)

"I’m supporting Governor Romney because he is a solid conservative who is committed to reducing taxes, cutting spending and preserving America’s military strength. Mitt has served as a governor, had a successful career in the private sector, and acquired the executive experience needed to turn around our economy and fix our broken government. He has demonstrated that he is the strongest candidate to take on President Obama in 2012 and restore fiscal sanity to Washington.”

CHRIS CHRISTIE endorses Mitt Romney. (October 11, 2011)

"This is the most important election in generations. Whether we are able to fix our economy and get our country on the right track will have ramifications for decades. We cannot afford to continue on our current path. Mitt Romney has a life history of coming into struggling organizations and turning them around. Right now, we need someone like him in the White House to fundamentally change our economy and reverse three years of failed policies. Unlike our current president, Mitt Romney understands the economy from the inside out. Fixing the economy will not be easy, but Mitt has shown throughout his life that he has the leadership ability and expertise to lead our country toward a recovery. Republicans should recognize the importance of this election and realize that if they are serious about regaining the White House, Mitt Romney is the only candidate to back.”

DARELL ISSA endorses Mitt Romney. (September 22, 2011)

"As a former businessman, I know that Mitt Romney is the right candidate to get both California and the country’s economy on the right track again. The country would be well served to have someone who knows how the economy works and has worked in the private sector. President Obama never worked in the real economy — we can’t afford to have another president who has spent his career outside the real economy.”

PAUL PAWLENTY endorses Mitt Romney. (September 12, 2011)

"I know all the candidates in the race for 2012; I know them. I respect them, but the next president is going to have to lead on the economy and jobs in a historic way. There’s one candidate in this race who is unmatched in his skills, and experience, and talent when it comes to turning around this economy and growing jobs – and that’s Mitt Romney. I’m proud and excited to endorse him for President of the United States. I believe he’s going to be our party’s nominee and I think he’s going to be a transformational and great president for this country."< i>




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