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July 4th, 2000 at Jarbidge, Nevada
A 50 Million Round March, and then a "Nevada Rock Party"

Myself and my ten year old son, Benjamin Jared, were determined to accomplish three things for July 4th.

  1. Participate in the July 4th 50 Million Round Shoot.
  2. Help stop the Federal land grab by assisting to open the Jarbidge Road in Nevada.
  3. Attend (with Mom, older brother and in-laws) the largest fireworks display in the west at Idaho Falls.
This report is about the first two. Suffice it to say regarding the third, that we made it there and were able to keep momma happy, 'cause when momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy'!

Arrivial at the Staging Area and an Evening in the High Country
On Monday, July 3rd, after traveling some 40 miles south of Twin Falls, ID (which itself is about 155 miles from our home in Emmett), we turned off US Highay 93 at Rodgerson,an unicorporated town of around 100. In town, at the turnoff to Jarbidge, we stopped in on the folks who were manning the "Information Station", gathered some pamphlets, got a SITREP from events earlier that day, and traveled on - Jarbidge 69 miles, 3 Creeks staging area 39 miles.

Folks, this is my kind of country. Much like SW Montana with long distances between small towns. Here, 69 miles from the town of Rodgerson, ID (pop. 100) to Jarbidge, NV ( pop. 50-70 ...when relatives are visiting). America's outback. An unlikely place for the Federal Government to make such an issue. But such is the nature of growing tyranny, it raises its ugly head wherever it thinks it sees an opportunity ... but in this case, in this place, with these people ... it miscalculated and has given rise to something that will help defeat it.

We arrived at 3 creeks staging area to find 2-300 people camped ith RV's, pickups, tents and automobiles. Immediately met Tom Farrenkopf of OughtSix Wear who was down from Montana with his friend Gill. Also found 'cc2k' from the Free Republic web site who had driven out from Georgia. We had met once before at the March for Liberty in Washington DC last year and it was good to see him. He had run his VOlkswagon Jetta into a small gulley and we looked at the damage and determined that on Wednesday he was going to have to get to a junk yard over in Twin Falls and get a part. Before the next day was over, he had arranged to do so.

We talked with some great folks from all over this nation, and in particular we talked with some local folks from Elko County. They filled us in on more details of the history of the road, from its washout in 1995, through attempts at repair by the county, to disingenuos and spiteful actions by the Forest Service, up to the current time. Bottom line? These folks are tired of being given the run around, the glad hand and the shaft by the Federal Government and they are fighting mad.

50 Million Round March at Jarbidge
Next morning, after a fairly cool evening in our sleeping bags, myself, my son BJ, Tom, Gill and cc2k all got up early and left to do some shooting in the 50 Million Round March.

Before Dawn at 3 Creek staging area - heading out to our 50 MRM shoot

We traveled through Jarbidge at about 7:15 AM or so and went through town and then climbed out of the canyon on an extremely steep (15% grade) road that brought us out on top at about 8500 ft, probably 1500+ ft above the canyon. After circling a ridge and finding an appropriate, safe spot, we got out and shot, using .223, .22 mag and .308. Shot over 200 rounds. Letters in the mail tomorrow.

Jeff Head shooting his FAL and then helping his son, BJ shoot a mini-14.

Several shooters for the 50 Million Round March above Jarbidge, NV, July 4th, 2000.

Opening a road and throwing a "Nevada Rock Party"
After the shoot we came down into Jarbidge and had breakfast at the Red Dog Cafe. Great lay back atmosphere and good grub.

Jarbidge Road as it passes through the town of Jarbidge

After breakfast we loaded onto a bus as it arrived from 3 creeks staging area, and road up to the work site.

Signs of dissent to tyranny and arriving at the work site

When we arrived, after meeting some folks (including AuntB from Free Republic) we volunteered to be a part of the "poop" brigade. It seems that the locals had found the camp site about a mile and a half above the work site which the Forest Service claimed was non-existant. Of course, this is part of the rediculous nature of the government's attempts and claims in this whole matter. The locals knew the camp site existed, as did the government. At any rate, it seemed that a work party to clean out the restrooms (which had not been cleaned for five years) was already in progress and they needed people to carry five gallon buckets of the stuff out. BJ asked if this is what we should do since it would be neat to help "move the rock" instead. I informed him that not everything could be glamor and spotlight, and that any effort needed people in the trenches, doing even the most unglamorous work. So, off we went. (as it turned out, we were back in time for the rock move anyway).

As we walked, we saw the large, several ton rock the Forest Service had litterally imbedded into the road at a narrow point in the canyon. Past this, we saw the folks working on the first stretch of road repair. This was an area which had not washed out, but which the Forest Service had destroyed. I was steaming mad when I saw this. It is so clear that the little statists/fascists who were involved with this from our government were expending large amounts of tax payer dollars in this remote area to spite a group of local people who simply wanted access to a county road. The damage the Forest Service did to the watershed, the amount of "silt" they created in the river and any harm to the bull trout caused by their efforts is the part of the story not being told, but is clearly eclipses by orders of magnitude any thing that might have occured as the county tried to repair its road.

Folks repair the road, the area of the road destroyed by the NFS and the road in its normal condition beyond the NFS break.

Once we gathered our "honey" buckets, we walked them out. My pictures of the washout did not turn out, but there were two areas which were fairly well washed away which will require significant work to repair, once equipment can get to them. In one of the areas, it is clear that the stream itself was rerouted from its original course over a 100-200 foot stretch of the former road bed. Local people confirmed that the NFS had done this when they tore up the 900 feet of the road below the wash out. More spite, more efforts to thwart an elected group of local officials by those who would have us "serfs" believe that they "know better".

When we had completed that portion of our assignement, we met J.J. Johnson and had a few great words with him, thanking him for his support of our 50 Million Round effort and his own work on behalf of liberty. At that point, we found that the "rock" was ready to be moved. Before we helped do so, there as a "ceremony" of sorts with several speeches. Two commentaries on the speeches.

  1. A native American, very involved with organizing this project, stood up and warned the people that the real effort by the government here was to control people ... just like his people had been "controlled, and that we were now slated for consignment to "areas" and "corridors" (read reservations) that restricted our access to the land and its resources. He is right.
  2. Another one of the leaders stood up and made a point of thanking the folks who had carried the "poop" out and had us raise our hands to be recognized and thanked. This was the mark of a good leader and I told my son so. I indicated that he should notice that this man did not speak too much about himself, instead, he made a point of thanking nd lifting up the "lowliest" work that went on and giving it credit. A great lesson for my son.
After the speeches, we said the Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag and then all sang the National Anthem. It was rousing and the air was charged. Three lines of people, numbering several hundred, then took hold of the paired ropes for each line and pulled that rock out of its hole. Tom Farrenkopf, from Montana and of OughtSix Wear, is the one who got the chant going, first of "Liberty" and then of "Freedom" each time we pulled. The feeling was indescribable as these people DARED to stand up and defy and increasingly out of control and tyranical federal government. A line was drawn, feet were put on solid ground and a message was sent. Were there 5000 people there? No ... but I will take 500-700 committed individuals, ready to stand shoulder to shoulder and act! any day over tens of thousands of potato couches, "sit on your duff" whiners anyday. That was the power of this day. The rock itself has been dubbed "Liberty Rock" and what we accomplished can be called the "Nevada Rock Party" ... I hope history will mark it as such.

Liberty Rock all hooked up and being pulled out of its hole

A different angle of the "pull". Zooming in on this angle, you can see my son got his wish as he and his Dad pull

Once the rock was out, it as time for the 1st crossing of the NFS obstacle and the portion of the road which had been repired. A pickup truck was commissioned to do this, and when the hole was filled and smoothed over, it did so.

A pick-up makes the first crossing of this part of the road in five years.

After the truck had gone, a lady who had been instrumental in spreading the word of this effort all over the country, known as GrandmaC on the Free Republic web site, became the second vehicle to cross. In her wheel chair, and with myself and a couple of others helping as needed, she couragously took her "vehicle" over the rough terrain. GrandmaC, you deserved it and I am so glad you got the opportunity. Thanks to her and the many orgainzers and promoters and supporters whose undaunting courage and commitment made this day possible.

GrandmaC becomes the second "vehicle" to travel on Jarbidge Road after this initial opening.

With this done, we helped smooth out a few places on the road and then departed back to Jarbidge on the bus, and then in our car back to the staging area. At the staging area, we said our goodbyes to Tom and Gill who were off to Montana and then to J.J. Johnson and his fine wife, and then off we went to meet our commitment in Idaho Falls.

In my estimation, a modern "Boston Tea Party" occurred at Jarbidge, Nevada on July 4th, 2000. It is my understanding that county commissioners from Utah and other states were watching. RedRock of the Free Republic web site was there and asked me if myself and others would come to a similar event in southern Utah later in the year if it occurs ... the answer was of course YES!. We need much more of this and hopefully it will spread all over the west and then the nation.

There is a fresh breeze rising to meet the gale from the east. There is a clean, robust spirit developing to face off the dark tyranny which has taken root amongst us. There have been many efforts to fight the rising tyranny ... there has been blood let by that tyranny.

Let future generations note, that on July 4th, 2000 in a remote part of America's outback, a direct challenge, however small was issued. A rally cry was established. I hope all of our youth and people all over this nation will hear of, and be taught of "Liberty Rock" in Nevada and the "Nevada Rock Party" ... and that the same spirit that was in rich abundance there will spread rapidly across the width and breadth of this nation.

Jeff Head
Emmett, IDAHO
July 5th, 2000

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