(Note: I sent the following letter to my entire Idaho congrerssional delegation regarding the "deal" on the so-called fiscal cliff. There were actually four seperate letters, but I combined them into one for sake of brevity on this site.)

3 January, 2013

Senator Michael Crapo and James Risch,
Representatives Mike Simpson and Raul Labrador,

RE: The "Deal" on the so-called 2013 Fiscal Cliff

Forgive in advance the length of this message, and for some its emotion, but I have quite a bit to say and I simply must voice directly my displeasure to you regarding this fiscal cliff "deal" that was made with President Obama and the Democrats.

My God, gentlemen, there are NO spending cuts in this deal! What is wrong with you people (and I know, Representative LAbrador you do not deserve this because you are the only one who voted against this horrible deal)? You have raised taxes, and when you combine the tax hikes on the so-called "wealthy," meaning the very people who create jobs and wealth in this country, who hire other people and can afford to buy more of the high-end products, with the lack of any spending cuts, your "deal," with the leftist/progressive/liberals accomplishes these things:

  1. It will cost jobs.
  2. It will hurt the economy.
  3. It increases the deficit (precisely the WRONG direction).
  4. It actually raises taxes (via higher social security taxes, via the myriad of Obama Care taxes, and via higher capitol gains taxes) on EVERY American.

This is no deal. It is, in my opinion, an abject sell out and a "kicking the can down the road," which this nation can ill afford. If I ran my business the way you run the government I would have long since either gone out of business, or been thrown in jail...and deservedly so. Please tell me (rhetorically) why you people do not deserve the same for doing this on a macro scale to the tunes of trillions of dollars? Well, here's my message to you, and I believe the message is from a majority of Americans. It's simple:


Fogive my emotion, but you people are complicit by your agreements and failure to take a principled, rock-solid stand against the destruction of this Republic and the blessings of liberty and prosperity for our kids and grandkids. Anyone who is a grandparent knows that when you start adversely impacting them, then you are pushing buttons that should not be pushed...particularly when they do not have to be pushed and when they way to solve the real issue is so obvious.

So, Representatives, again, STOP THE SPENDING!

I am urging the House Representatives to SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN! I am sick to death of hearing Obama and his ilk talk about their "not compromising," on the debt ceiling. Well here's a news flash. The GOP controls the House of Representativesand the House controls all spending. How about President Obama and the rest of you get to spend PRECISELY NOTHING until you all are not only ready to act responsibly, but ready to come full over to solving this issue and ending all deficit spending, creating a balanced budget amendment, and putting in place a plan that makes us solvent, with no debt, by 2018?

Nothing else will do.

I say, until you do that, the government should be CLOSED FOR BUSINESS! Period. See if you all can play chicken with that freight train! The House has the power to do this and its it time they grew a spine and played hardball. If Speaker Boehner will not do it, then we need a speaker who will! Our future as a people and as a nation, our liberty and very livelihood depends on it. It is not a time for half measures, for quivering before a complicit programmed media or the progressive elite who are trying to fuindamentally transform this nation. Here are sixteen suiggestion where this nation can immediately cut spending and save hundreds of billions of dollars:

  1. Close all military bases overseas where nations refuse to pay for the land, the facilities (which we design and build) and the outside the permiter security (to our specirfications) and all of the utilities necessary to maintain the basing of our people there. If they do not want us there enough to pay the price for these things, then they do not want us there badly enough and we should leave until they do. Bring the troops home from bases that are closed as a result of this and have them help patrol and seal our southern border. The money saved goes back to the people.
  2. End all foreign aid to such countries who will not accept the first item above, or who are demonstrably not our "friend." All of it. No more billions to Pakistan and Egypt and many others who are patently not our friends. If we are worried about Pak's Nukes (and we should be), then as we end our relationship with them, we execute the contingencies already in place to take out those weapons...and then we inform the Pakis that our new ally, India, will brook no further escalation or development of such weapons. The money saved goes back to the people.
  3. End all health care, social security payments, perqs and other so-called "entitlements" to all illegal aliens. If they have true emergency health care needs. we treat them, but then they MUST pay it back with a viable plan starting within 30 days. If they cannot, then they are immediately deported back to their country of origin and put on a list of no immigration and immediate future deportation or long jail time (helping to build our protective infrastructure along the border) if they come back. This is because they are here against the law. What part of "illegal" do we not understand? The money saved goes back to the people.
  4. End the Public Broadcasting funding...all of it. Let them make their way through private funding or the free market. The money saved goes back to the people.
  5. End funding to the Academy of the Arts...all of it. Let them make their way privately with donations or through the free market. The money saved goes back to the people.
  6. End all funding to and disband the Department of Education and return all of it to the states...all that we have in the coffers...and spend no more on it, taking in no more funds for it, and let the individual states deal with their education needs according to the strict interpretation of the Constitution which makes no provision for such federal involvement. The money saved goes back to the people.
  7. End all funding to and disband the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Allow airlines to hire independent 3rd party security firms to do airport security according to guidelines established by the FBI. The money saved goes back to the people.
  8. End all funding to and disband the Department of Energy. Have the states pick up their energy needs, but principally allow the free market to develop and push forward energy production within this nation using already existing laws on the books to ensure safety and health from the other agencies tasked with that job. The money saved goes back to the people.
  9. End the 52+ weeks of unemployment. Period. Do not extend it anymore. People are now living for years on unemployment with no incentive to truly find a job. That money is coming directly from the productive people of this nation and going to those who are not by the tens of millions. It is a pervers and sick transfer of wealth that is destroying our work force and our capacity to build it. Give them six weeks of unemployment followed by a maximum of three months of training, which training program is coupled with employers willing to train and acquire new employees. The unemployed must interview for those positions to be trained qnd if they are not willing to do so, they are out of the program and off unemployment payment. Their friends, families, churches and charities will have to help them. The money saved goes back to the people.
  10. Cut Representative's and Senator's salaries to $80,000 dollars, all of them, with a maximum of three staff members. No more The money saved goes back to the people.
  11. Cut the President salary to $100,000 dollars. Provide no funds for shopping trips to Europe. Have them vacation at Camp David or other modest facilities. The President is a position of trust and service, not a vacation. The money saved goes back to the people.
  12. End by law all Czars or other "special," counselers or advisors to the president outside of the traditional cabinet members (less those disbanded above), whose salaries will be capped at $80,000 dollars. The money saved goes back to the people.
  13. Enact a law, call it the "Two for One Act of 2013," where for any new act of congress or "law," two previous acts or laws must be rescinded and taken off the books. No exceptions. The money saved goes back to the people.
  14. Enact a law, cal it the "Tax Reduction Act of 2013," where any new Tax or Fee on the American people, of any type, MUST be accompanied by a corresponding cut in either taxes or fees by a corresponding 125%. No exceptions. The money saved goes back to the people.
  15. End all grants to colleges and Universiies, to researchers which are not tightly focused on involvement in the following four things: 1) Improving the security of this nation, 2) Improving the infrastructure of this nation, 3) Improving this nation's energy capabilities, and 4) Improving the health of this nation by targeting very specifically research into the top ten killing diseases in this nation...and on all of this, it must be shown in the application to be for items realistically realizable within the next 25 years. No exceptions. Pie in the sky, 100 year hence grants for ressearch ends. Let the private sector through the free market focus on any other issues. Research on the mating habits of tadpoles in the Columbia River and that ilk of research and give aways ends. Period. The money saved goes back to the people.
  16. End the burdesome, unfathonable tax scheme for this nation. Revert to a very direct straight tax on income, or a consumption tax on end goods, meaning only those goods used by the consumer or end user. Straight tax, no deductions, no need for end of year forms. Straight out of your income or at the point of sale depending on what route we take. And make it a very realizable, maximum rate of 10% for all comers. no gimicks, no deductions, no loopholes. The money saved goes back to the people.

Senator, these are suggestions off the top of my head as I have sat here for the last twenty minutes.

We need to take direct measures and it needs to happen now. I know I will be watching and I will tell all of my family, freinds, neighbors, acquaintences and co-workers to watch as well...and we WILL base our vote on the actions you take, or do not take..

God grant you the wisdom in your office, which is an office of public trust, to be absolutely true to your oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and equally important, to the part of that oath that indicates you will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution. What is going on in the halls of Congress, in the White House, and in the Senate bears no resemblance to that oath, particularly bearing true faith and allegiance to that document because 90% of what is happening is not found anywhere within that document in the least. It's been made up over the years from whole cloth and it needs to end.

...and, oh by the not fall into the emotional trap of further violating our unalienable rights to defense by even considering more regulations and infringement on the second amendment as a result of the heinois acts of depraved criminals. The answer is not to take weapons away from law abiding citizens. All the statistics and events prove that the real answer is simply to have more armed law abiding citizens present in all aspects of our society. When they are, the killing is stopped before it ever becomes a mass killing. Read:

Mass Murder and Gun Control - A Critical Analysis


Jeff Head
Emmett, ID

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