George Zimmerman found not guilty

Here are my own feelings regarding this highly publicized trial, which I followed the trial closely...each day.

The jury clearly looked at the evidence, which was overwhelming for the defense and Zimmerman.

Zimmerman's nose was broken and his face was bruised and bloodied after the confrontation. He had cuts and bruises on the back of his head. He had grass stains on the back of his shirt and pants. Treyvon had no injuries from the fight, except the gunshot wound. There were scrapes on his knuckles. And he had grass stains on his knees. All of this was supported by the forensic evidence and was not challenged.

It is clear who was delivering a beating, and who was receiving it. An eye witness indicated Treyvon was on top of Zimmerman and hitting him. Clearly, the one who was screaming histerically, and terrified for help, was the one being beaten, not the one on top doing the beating.

In almost all cases, the prosecution witnesses, under cross examination, gave testimony that ended up supporting Zimmerman's story.

It is tragic that things happened like they did. But neither person had broken any laws, or committed any crime, and could have walked away from this up until the time one of them decided to sucker punch the other in the face, break his nose and knock him down. Even then Treyvon could have walked away and had very little long term personal consequence. But when he began beating Zimmerman on the ground as he did, he took a path that led to his death. Zimmerman finally shot, and the forensic evidence showed that Treyvon was shot at close range, with the bullet traveling upward through his body (and his heart) while Zimmerman was on the ground.

There simply was not evidence of any hate crimes. There was simply no evidence of murder or negligence. The jury decided that Zimmerman was defending himself.

We know now that Zimmerman, an Hispanic male, mentored young black kids in his spare time. No racist there at all.

Howerver, the entire nation was treated to a biased, planned effort to make Zimmerman look like a racist who tracked down and killed a very young, happy black youth. Here are what America was regularly treated to, for months on end, characterizing the two:

Now, that is a picture that was specifically meant to support the false narrative that was estabished. See how menacing and bad Zimmerman looks? See how angelic Treyvon looks?

If they had a mind, they could have used other photos to make the exact opposite appear true. For example, here's one making Zimmerman look like an angel and Treyvon look like a demon.

See how that works. As it was, here's how they both actually looked near the time of the incident. Treyvon was a large kid. An athlete who was in good shape and about the size in relation to Zimmerman that this picture shows:

It is tragic that a 17 year old young man was killed. But, as you can see, he was not a "little" kid. He was 6' 2" tall, 170 lbs, and was quite muscular and fit as a high school football player. Zimmerman was 5'9", also weighed around 170 lbs, but was not in good shape. And Treyvon was not angelic...far from it. His facebook page and tweets make that clear enough, as does his own record...all of which the jury could not hear or see...and in the end, did not need to.

Would Zimmerman have died that night? We will never know. But he clearly thought he was in great danger, and he was definitely being beat up. So he finally pulled his gun and shot in self defense.

I pray the country can move on from this. This case was trumped up by politicians, the Media, and those seeking a racial cause. The local police had already pretty much determined what this jury found and that is why Zimmerman was released after being taken to the police station that night. These types of things happen fairly often in this nation of 350 million.

For example, shortly before this event occurred, a black man in Rochester, NY, Roderick Scott, saw three white boys stealing from a car across the street from his house. He was safe in his home. It was secure and he was armed. He did not have to go out. But they apparently walked across his driveway and then across from his property and he decided to go out and confront them. Scott announced he had a gun and had called police and that they had to remain there until the polic arrived. One of the young men, Christopher Cervini about 17 years old, charged Scott yelling at him. Scott shot...and the 17 year old died.

That man was tried for manslaughter under NY law, but the jury found he had acted in self-defense and he was found not guilty, just like Geroge Zimmerman. Everyone knew those kids were stealing from that car. He could have stayed inside, but he decided to confront the crime and when attacked, he defended himself. There was no national outrage. The President didn't say his son could have been Cervini. There was no calls for the Department of Justice to give futher "justice" to Christopher Cervini. WHy? We all know that answer.

Now, I have no problem with someone defending themselves against attack when they are trying to stop a crime, and believe more Americans should send such messages to criminals when they are threatened. 911 takes on average 9 minutes for anyone to get there. Usually by that time, it is over.

Jury Finds Roderick Scott not guilty of manslaughter against Chistopher Cervini

That link is so people can show others. who have been diluded by the media and race baiters in this case, that it happens the other way as well. I am sure the family of Christopher Cervini are not happy...and they sound a lot like ther parents of Trayvon in their support for their son. That is understandable. But it does not mean it is true. Three young men out at 3:30 Am stealing from cars clearly shows that they were committing a crime. Scott tried to be a good neighbor...and though not in an official capacity, he too was "watching" out for his neighborhood...just like Zimmerman. Except in Zimmerman's case the assailant, Trayvon Martin clearly got to him and was delivering a severe beating before Zimmerman shot.





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