Assistant US Attorney Investigating OKC
Committs Suicide
Added Febraury 2001
Assistant US Attorney Investigating OKC Bombing Committs Suicide
By: Patrick B. Briley
September 30, 2000

In 1997, Assistant Us Attorney, Ted Richardson, was found dead near his church in OKC with a shotgun wound to his chest. He was married, was a sports hunter and active with his sons in the Boys Scouts and his church. The US Attorney, Patrick Ryan returned to OKC from Denver during the McVeigh trial to the OKC office of the US Attorney, once he learned of his assistantís death.

Jane Thomas and her husband knew Richardson for many years and Mr. Thomas went hunting with Richardson. Jane Thomas told me and the news director, Jerry Bohnen, of KTOK radio in OKC, that she and her husband feel very strongly that Richardson did not commit suicide, but suspect that he was murdered. The official government public position on the case was that Richardson committed suicide from a self-inflicted shotgun blast to his chest in his car.

Because of Jane Thomas and her husbandís concerns, I looked into the matter. I found some startling facts that the public should know even if Richardson did commit suicide. These facts also raise questions as to whether or not Richardson was murdered or was driven to suicide by what he had learned and knew about the Federal governmentís cover-up of the OKC bombing.

Richardson had been a fourteen year veteran of the US attorneys office and had survived Clintonís purge of many US attorneys staring in 1993. He was assigned the task of keeping the US attorneys office in OKC running while the other US attorneys went to Denver to participate in the McVeigh trial.

Richardson had been investigating a Middle Eastern man, Samir Khalil, in OKC for income tax evasion and HUD property scams. Khalil has a Jordanian passport. Richardson was abruptly taken off the investigation of Khalil just before the results of his investigation was to be submitted to a grand jury and just after Khalilís name came up in the news media in connection with the OKC bombing in May 1995.

Khalil was divorced from his wife, Carol Khalil, who was killed in the Murrah Building. Khalil is alleged to have had a large life insurance policy on his wife. And it is believed that Carol Khalil had keys and other access to the Murrah Building which could have been obtained husband.

Khalil was the employer of a man who had been named as a Middle Eastern suspect in the OKC bombing, Al-Hussan Hussani, investigated by KFORTV of OKC. Hussani had served in Sadam Husseinís Republican Guard in Iraq around the time of the Gulf War and is believed to have been brought to the US by Clinton over the objections of POW family members and some US Senators. KFORTV alleged that Hussaniís time card had been forged to make it appear that Hussani was not at the bomb site at 9 am on April 19, 1995.

KFORTV was sued by Hussani with the help of Khalil and the former law associate and campaign contributor of OK governor, Frank Keating. Hussaniís suit against KFORTV was officially ruled against and dismissed by Federal Judge Tim Leonard on September 29, 2000. At least one or more of KFORTVís reporters still stands behind the story that Hussani helped McVeigh before and at the time of the bombing.

There is strong suspicion that Khalil and Hussani were known to our government before the OKC bombing and that Richardson was taken off the investigation of Khalil, Hussaniís employer, after the bombing to coverup the governmentís foreknowledge and role in the OKC bombing. This also may have been a contributing factor in Richardsonís death, regardless of whether it was murder or suicide.

Did Middle Eastern types or someone associated with Clinton have Richardson murdered to keep him silent? Did Richardson have a lot of pressure put on him by his own government to keep quiet ? Did he feel a sense of remorse about what he may have known about a coverup in the OKC bombing-a coverup of the possible Middle Eastern involvement and a coverup of the greater role of Michael Fortier in the bombing? Would these pressures have driven Richardson to suicide?

Richardson also knew a great deal about the Federal governmentís coverup of Michael Fortierís greater involvement in the OKC bombing, to a much greater extent than has been told to the American people. Fortier was the governmentís star witness used to convict McVeigh. He was convicted for not telling the government in advance about the bombing plot. He is currently battling in court to have his sentences reduced to time served rather than a total of twelve years.

Richardson had a friend, Melvin Beall who was a twenty-six year veteran of the OKC Police Department. Beall was a security guard at the OK Gas & Electric building in April 1995, one block from the Murrah Building. Beall went to Richardson repeatedly in 1995, the week after the bombing, and in 1996 and in 1997 shortly before Richardsonís death with information pertaining to Michael Fortierís greater involvement in the OKC bombing.

Beallís story was told twice on KTOK radio in OKC after Richardsonís death. Yet Beall was never called as a witness at the McVeigh and Nichols trials. He was never called to testify before the Federal Grand Jury, the Oklahoma County Grand Jury or to testify at the Federal sentencing hearings and appeals for Fortier.

Beall wrote a report which he gave to Richardson and discussed with Richardson. Beall and three other OG&E employees spoke to Michael Fortier,and McVeigh along with two other woman (believed to be Jennifer McVeigh and Fortierís wife) at the OG&E Building on Friday April 7, 1995. The group had asked for directions to the Murrah Building and were driving a vehicle resembling one known to be owned at the time by Samir Khalil. The group was last seen driving in the direction of the Murrah Building.

Beall and the three OG&E witnesses were interviewed by the FBI very shortly after the bombing. Their story is corroborated by another witness, Dr. Paul Heath, the Murrah Building safety engineer who worked at the VA office. Dr. Heath claimed to me and a journalist in a taped interview in 1995 that McVeigh, Fortier and a man who looked Middle Eastern came to his office around 3 pm on Friday, April 7, 1995 to ask about jobs. Heath told us that the FBI threatened to ruin his public reputation if he continued to talk publicly about his story. This is the same day and within a few hours of when Beall and the OG&E witnesses spoke to McVeigh and Fortier.

Richardson knew all this but did nothing publicly about it. Was he trying to get something done about it at the time of his death? Was he murdered for what he knew and may have been trying to do? Or did he commit suicide because of guilt over the Federal cover-up of the OKC bombing or for some other reason?

It was revealed in FBI Deputy Director, Danny Coulsonís book, ďNo HeroesĒ, that Coulson hand delivered to Fortier in Arizona around April 27, 1995, the governmentís plea bargain agreement, or proffer agreement before Fortier had even been formally charged with anything. The agreement promised Fortier a lighter, shorter sentence in exchange for Fortierís testimony against McVeigh.

Coulson stated that President Clintonís personal White House Counsel for the FBI, Howard Shapiro, had prepared the proffer agreement several days before and had Coulson hand deliver it to Fortier. This was done at a time when the FBI and White House would have known from Beall and Richardson of Fortierís earlier visit to OKC on April 7, 1995 to case the inside of the Murrah Building at Heathís office.

Was Clinton complicit along with Howard Shapiro in the coverup of Fortierís greater involvement? Shapiro is a close friend of Hillary Clinton and holds a fat cushy job with former FBI Deputy Director, Larry Potts of Ruby Ridge fame, at Terry Lenznerís private investigation firm, IGI.

Furthermore, the Fortier proffer agreement was again discussed with Fortier in an OKC motel room meeting in early May 1995 by FBI agent Floyd Zimms before Fortier was even charged according to Federal trial records and testimony. See my article, ďOthers KnownĒ to the FBI in the OKC Bombing, September 20,2000 for a discussion of Zimms other criminal obstructions of justice in the OKC bombing case including covering up the Middle Eastern involvement in the case.

This greater involvement of Fortier has been kept from the public and the courts and Grand Juries to this very day and Richardson and the FBI and the other US attorneys like Patrick Ryan knew it.

Richardson likely knew of the White House generated proffer agreement for Fortier agreement. Yet Richardson knew Fortier was more deeply involved based on what his friend Beall had told him. And Richardson knew that the Middle Eastern man he had been investigating, Samir Khalil, had been connected to Khalilís employee, the Iraqi, Al-Hussani, reported by KFORTV to have been seen with McVeigh.

Did Richardsonís conscience or job related pressures bother him and drive him to suicide? Or did Clinton types or Middle Eastern types possibly connected to the bombing murder Richardson, to keep him quiet and from doing anything? Or is there another explanation?

Jane Thomas said Richardson was a great husband and father to his children, was a good Christian man, and had everything to live for. She saw no warning signs that Richardson might commit suicide.

Jane Thomas does not believe her friend Richardson committed suicide, but she believes instead that someone murdered him. She, like others, wonder why the Federal government was so quick to dismiss his death as suicide and not do a more thorough investigation. She believes the Federal government owes a better investigation to Richardsonís family and in recognition of his fourteen years of Federal service as Assistant US attorney.

Some special knowledge of the OKC bombing may have died with Richardson, but others who are alive know much of what he knew. Do they think their silence will save their own lives from those who may have killed Richardson or from their own consciences?

Fear of death is a strong enforcer of silence. But, guilt, like heart disease, can be a silent killer for the guilty.

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