Oklahoma City was an American Reichstag
Added 13-Sep-99

This is a report on the overall implications and circumstances associated with the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in April of 1995.

Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City and other acts are leading this nation towards totalitarianism ... it can happen here. It already is! Please read this article and form your own conclusions.

Oklahoma City was a masterfully (albeit atrocious and horrific) planned Riechstag that had the direct effect of resulting in the passage of draconian Anti-Terror legislation that had been, to that date, completely stalled in Congress.

A Bomb Damage Analysis, by an expert in the field, was conducted by General Benton K. Partin, who among other things had headed up the USAF Weapons development labratory for the US Air FOrce. He was in charge of designing munition to take down just such "hard" targets as reinforced concrete buildings. His report can be viewed at :

Bomb Damage Analysis Of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building

The General's analysis is not some speak easy, feel good, politically correct talk about this incident. It is hard scientific look at the evidence and the conditions. The facts are that the amount of ANFO in the truck could not produce enough potential yeild to overcome the yield strength of the reinforced concrete columns that were sheared off ... in the best of conditions. Please read this report.

The report was presented to the US Congress and to the Oklahoma Legislature and has never been (to my knowledge) officially refuted technically. Such information was disallowed at the trial because it departed from the governments allogation of a single bomb ... this despite the fact that millions of Americans saw on the TV that day, announcements by the rescue workers that additional "bombs" had been found in the building during rescue operations and the rescue was temporarily halted. These facts should cause us all extremely serious reflection.

Another study was also conducted, this time by Eglin Air Force base, and was called :

The Eglin Air Force Base Blast Effect Study.

It's results were equally compelling and agreed with General Partins ... and were equally squelched and buried.

The result was that much testimony and quotes from those who work in this area of expertise was also doumented as shown below :
From the Eglin Air Force Base Blast Effect Study :

"... it is impossible to ascribe the damage that occurred on April 19, 1995 to a single truck bomb containing 4,800 lbs. of ANFO. In fact, the maximum predicted damage to the floor panels of the Murrah Federal Building is equal to approximately 1% of the total floor area of the building. Furthermore, due to the lack of symmetrical damage pattern at the Murrah Building, it would be inconsistent with the results of the ETS test [number] one to state that all of the damage to the Murrah Building is the result of the truck bomb.

The damage to the Murrah Federal Building is consistent with damage resulting from mechanically coupled devices placed locally within the structure....

It must be concluded that the damage at the Murrah Federal Building is not the result of the truck bomb itself, but rather due to other factors such as locally placed charges within the building itself.... The procedures used to cause the damage to the Murrah Building are therefore more involved and complex than simply parking a truck and leaving.... "

Mike Smith, a civil engineer in Cartersville, Georgia commissioned to review the Eglin Blast Effects Study, states:

"The results of the Blast Effect Test One on the Eglin Test Structure present strong evidence that a single Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil device of approximately 4800 lbs. placed inside a truck could not have caused the damage to the Murrah federal Building experienced on April 19, 1995. Even assuming that the building had structural deficiencies and that the ANFO device was constructed with racing fuel, the air-coupled blast produced from this 4800 lb. device would not have damaged the columns and beams of the Murrah Building enough to produce a catastrophic failure. "

Robert Frias, president of Frias Engineering of Arlington, Texas, after examining the EBES, concluded:

“The Murrah Building would still be standing and the upper floors would be intact had the truck loaded with explosives been the only culprit.” Moreover, Frias, a practicing engineer for over 40 years and a registered engineer in Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana, stated: “Explosives had to have been placed near, or on, the structural columns inside the building to cause the collapse that occurred to the Murrah Building.”

Alvin Norberg, a licensed professional engineer in Auburn, California with over 50 years of engineering experience on over 5,000 construction projects, writes that evidence from the ETS data :

“verifies that the severe structural damage to the Murrah Building was not caused by a truck bomb outside the building,” and that “the collapse of the Murrah Federal Building was the result of ‘mechanically coupled devices’ (bombs) placed locally within the structure adjacent to the critical columns.”

Kenneth Gow of Whittier, California, with over one-half century of engineering experience in the aerospace industry, writes in his evaluation of the EBES:

“The Eglin Test Structure report ... further reinforces the conclusion that a substantial portion of the Murrah Building damage was by internal explosions.”

In a letter from Rodger A. Raubach Ph.D. in Capser Wyoming, to General Partin, he states :

"The major points of the report which I believe need to be emphasized are: (1) the fact that rebar reinforcing rods were broken but appear to be embedded in concrete;(2) very little concrete appears to have been crushed by the blast. These observations alone are at extreme variance with the hypothesis of a single large truck bomb containing ANFO. For the large (4800 lb.) ammonium nitrate bomb to have caused the damage, there would be huge amounts of sand generated from the crushed concrete around the columns wherein the rebar was fractured.

I took the liberty of checking with the leading concrete supplier in my area in order to confirm the compressive yield figure that you used, that being 3500 psi. What I was told about concrete was very interesting. A 3500 psi figure is extremely low for structural concrete. A properly mixed and cured structure of the type dealt with in your report would probably have a yield strength of 5600 psi.

... I can find no scientific flaws in either your observations or your conclusions. I am, therefore, in full agreement with the conclusion of strategically placed small explosive charges being responsible for the destruction of the building.

We can only hope and pray that a few good men and women in our Congress will heed your report and take action that results in the punishment of the real guilty parties responsible for this heinous crime against the American people, and that these same few good people are able to stem the abrogation of any more of our Constitutional rights. "
None of the afore mentioned folks were invited to testify at the trial. Instead, a British "expert" was brought in to support the US Governments claim, when the former head of our own weapons development labratory refuted it and was not asked to testify. The implications are pretty clear.

In addition, here's some of the relevant text regarding the on scene reporting by CNN of a second bomb they found that day, inside the Federal Building, that everyone has now forgotten :
LEA: All right. We just saw, if you were watching there- there was a white pick-up truck backing a trailer into the scene here. They're trying to move people out of the way so they can get it in. It appears to be the Oklahoma County Bomb Squad. It's their bomb disposal unit, essentially, is what it is. And it is what they would use to- if- if the report that we gave you just a few moments ago turns out to be correct, that they have found a second explosive device of some kind inside this building, they'll back that trailer down there and the bomb squad folks will go in and they will use that- that trailer- you see the bucket on the back there. Sort of- this is how they would transport the explosive device away from this populated area to try to do something with it.

1st NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: This was just a few moment ago. People running north, away from the Federal Building. You see them- ...

LEA: - to the downtown YMCA, just east of the building in the grassy area. Right now, we have Susanne Sealy [sp] who is downtown. Susanne, can you tell us anything new?

SUSANNE SEALY, Correspondent: Yes, LEA [sp], I can. The Oklahoma City police and the FBI have confirmed there is another bomb in the Federal Building. It's in the east side of the building. They've moved everybody back several blocks. They're trying to- obviously to- to- to unplug it so it won't go off. They're moving everybody back several blocks. It- it's a weird scene because at first everybody was running when they gave the word to get everybody back from the scene, but now people are just standing around, kind of staring. It's a very surreal, very strange scene. Now, we want to get some information out to people that if people are in the downtown area and they can hear me, you don't want to stand on the sidewalk. And the reason for that is there are gas mains underneath and they're worried if there's a second explosion that those gas mains could blow. But again, we do have there is a in the building. We know it's on the east side. We're not sure what floor, what level, but there is definitely danger of a major second explosion. They're warning everybody to get as far back as they can because this is something that they are- they're trying to get the- the bomb defused right now. They're in the process of doing it, but this could take some time. They're telling people that this is something to take very seriously. Do not try and slip forward to get a- get a look at this because this thing could definitely go off. Lea-

1st NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: All right. Again, we're broadcasting live, giving you up to date information about the explosion in downtown Oklahoma City that occurred approximately an hour and 40 minutes ago and there is concern of another ex-
Did you catch that ... "The Oklahoma City police and the FBI have confirmed there is another bomb in the Federal Building."?


So, what were the cause-effect results of this atrocity? First, a draconian, anti-terror bill from Bill Clinton's administration had been stalled in Congress. After this even, it went on to pass. Some of the effects of thast are presented at the following links :

Review of Anti-Terrorism Act of 1996

Second, was the smearing and negating of a then growing militia and patriot movement who were dedicated to exposing these very types of acts on the part of government.

Was McVeign involved. Absolutely!! Was he a hero? Not by any stretch. He was part of a complex operation, which included ties to islamic fundamentalists where he was the butt of the sting.

Folks, the same government agencies who colluded with terrorists to be involved in the WTC Bombing, and who have been lieing for YEARS about Ruby Ridge and Waco, were deeply involved in OKC ... and are lieing about that too.

I pray to God we can root these Vipers out through civil demonstration and use of (an all too compromised and corrupted) ballot boxes, before we are drug into the horrors of having to do it through more direct methods.

Jeff Head

Emmett, ID
September, 1999

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