Updated Novemebr 12, 2002

By: Jeff Head

Arm the people. That is the answer, not only for the current environment, but for crime in general. The founders of this great Republic knew this, and they enumerated it in clear language in our constitution.

Use surplus M-14's or M-1's for long guns and .45's or 9mm's for sidearms and issue comm gear to all particpants Have the local sheriff's review those who volunteer and insure they are U.S. Citizens, have no violent criminal background, and can meet established physical stamina and strength criteria.

Deputize them to perform specific sentry and patrol duty, not with full police powers.

Give them training on their firearms, communications and the basic recon/sentry and law enforcement procedures required for the particular tasks. Have that training put on by volunteer former NCO's and Law Enforcement. Marine or Special Forces. Make update training mandatory every six months.

Have the Sheriff set up sentries (two to a location), perimeter patrols close to suspected targets (inner and outer ring) and close to local infrastructure to be protected from terrorists and roving patrols in the community as requiured. The primary duty will be to report suspicious activity and to use their weapons only in the case of imminent threat to life or infrastructure.

Have the comm procedure be to the local Sheriff who works with local FLEO's, from there to the National Guard at the state level for the Sheriff and to regional command for the FLEO's, and from there to Homeland Security at the National level who simply coordinates and calls in Federal force/resources as necessary.

Make the program voluntary but let those who complete training and six months of duty (that duty consisting of 4 six hour shifts per week) keep their firearm and comm gear.

Institute immediately - nation wide.


We are at war with a bunch of people, supported by some governments, who want nothing more than to kill as many of us as possible, disrupt our economy, end our influence in the world and bring down this Republic. Sadly, they are abetted by some within our own government and more within our own borders. It has been going on in low gear for a long time, it has heated up in the last few years and boiled over on 911.

It is continuing today.

If the Beltway Snipers were not actual/connected ISlamic terrorist (and though I may be proven wrong, I believe they probably are), then the Terrorists are certainly taking notes and we need to prepare for it.

This is just my two cents on the situation and an all American solution that people would flock to in my opinion.

Please propose this to your local shereiff and law enforcement.

In Liberty,

Jeff Head
Updated November 12, 2002
Idaho, USA

REMEMBER: The 2nd Amendment IS Homeland Security!


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