Late on election night, November 6, 2012...actually probably early in the morning hours of November 7th at the time...well after Ohio and then Virginia were called, and then after listening to the speeches by Romney and Obama, I wrote the following and shared it with friends and groups I frequent.

"God in Heaven has answered our prayers...but not the answer we hoped and prayed for. I have faith in Him, and accept His will. It just means we have to work harder, that we will probably have to endure much more, and that we have to have even more trust in Him during these difficult times. But HE IS IN CHARGE, and He knows what He is doing. God grant that we all stay true and begin to prepare now for the next mid-terms and the next presidential election.

"We must be in this for the long any parent is with their own loved children, who loves those children and seeks to help them even if they take a different path. That is something we can, and must do.

"Our forefathers who taimed the wilderness, who defeated the mightest military power on earth to gain their independence at the time, who fought several more wars, who fought and survived one of the most horrific and deadly civil wars in history and preserved the Union and our nation, who crossed the plains and mountains subject to starvation and Indian massacre, who suffered through a great depression, who fought two world wars against the mightest forces of evil the earth had yet seen...and defeated them, and who then spent almost fifty years contending against and defeating an even greater menace, the greatest evil empire in history...those forebearers suffered much for their way of life, for their liberty, and passed the torch on to us. They suffered much more than we have had to ednure to date.

"Now, perhaps it is our turn to face such tests. I ask you, do we abandon the field, the great animiated contest for liberty, and let those sacrifices be in vain?

"As God is my witness, I SAY NO! I will not allow their sacrifice and their life's blood to have been shed in vain. We can continue this fight...WE WLL CONTINUE THIS FIGHT as never before!

"We will have to do a lot of educating, praying, writing, canvasing, praying, petitioning, protesting, praying, holding meetings/rallies/get togethers/town halls, picking ourselves back up and dusting ourselves off during setbacks, praying, and absolutely perservering until the battle is won. And it may be our great grandkids and beyond who ultimately win it...and they are and will be watching us...and their own parents are also watching us and what we do during these times of difficulty. What will be said of us? What will they remember? What will be written? How can they carry on the fight if we ourselfes do not...if they do not see the fire burning even more brightly within us now, then their lights will correspondingly burn less intense, and ultimately go out.

God forbid! I cannot speak for others, but I will stoke the fires of liberty as never beofre within myself and cause it to burn even more brightly!

"For their sake and the rising generations after them, I vow before God and man to stand, and to fight, and to never stand down, or give never Waver or falter with respect to our precious liberty and unalienable rights!

"As for now...well, thank God we still have the House of Representatives to mitigate the situation. We must hold their feet to the fire so they do not falter as they stand on the wall, They must know that we stand with them. And should one of them falter (ie. Boehner) then that watchman must be replaced because their duty now, in the face of the Senate, the Presidency, and all the agencies of government a completely co-opted main stream media, and a stacked judiciary, is absolutely critical and they must stand strong.

"God bless America, all of it, and all of our people, and may we perservere and commit ourselves to working even harder for the future of our Republic."

We have been dealt a hard, crushing, depressing, wind-knocked-out-of-you, blow. Many are still figuratively gasping for breath. And that is understandable. The thought that in the wake of what we know about this administrtion and President and their horrific record and actions, that the people would willingly vote to continue it is simply astonishing, and literally breath taking..and it is also mortally dangerous for all of us and our liberty.

But we are not out of the fight. Not by a long shot. 58+ million souls voted against it. Millions others stayed home. We simply have to seek God's help, humble ourselves, reprnt, re-dedicate ourselves and have the steel to devise ways of cutting through the decades-long dumbing down and patronizing of so many segments of our population. We must show them that their best interests are served by individual liberty, responsibility, accountability and less government.

That will be hard to do. In many places across this land, you now have 3rd and 4th generation families who have lived nothing else and believe that the hand-out entitlement state of affairs is the norm. It's how they live day to day. Many do not have parents in the home (if they are lucky enought to have both parents) who understand the foundational values of this nation, or the economic engine and free market upon which it rests. Without parents and relatives and friend to teach them, they are left to a liberal, progressive education systems which all too often attacks and down plays those values and systems, and to an utterly biased media which they watch...when they are not playing video games or watching M-TV, that does the same. To them, anyone who threatens this state of affairs...their way of an enemy.

And the fact is, WE DO! We do threaten that way of life. We do so because that way of life threatenns all of us, including they themselves! We know that that very state of affiars threatens ours...and by extension, their liberty and opportunity for any prosperity, because we are the ones paying for it and we know that it is absolutely unsustainable. It leads off a cliff, which is precisely where the designers of this abject social malware want it to go, so they can sieze all power, control, and wealth for themselves in the crisis and chaos that ensues when it does go over the cliff. They are not stupid, these designers of this state of affairs, and they are prepared to continue to push it to the point of having all of us living as serfs while they amass all power and wealth to themselves.

At their heart, that's who the Obama's, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Michale Moore, Geroge Soros, Diane Feinstein, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Bill Ayers, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Bill Maher, etc., etc. are. As an example, just look how the Obama's live in the White House. Consider the billion dollars of tax-payer money that went to support their "lifestyle" just over the last year. A life style that did not include Obama's Presidential duties (mostly campaigning and playing golf), but had that family living on one hand like abject royalty during these horrible economic times, while on the other hand they tell the "masses" that they care fo them! Actions speak much, much louder than words.

So, this is how I feel in the wake of this election...of this monumental loss. Hard times, potentially very hard times are coming and may be wholly unavoidable at this point. Times which may well completely humble the entire nation if, for example, the dollar goes off the cliff and the entire economy collapses to the point where commerce, banking, and transportation are massively and negatively impacted. Sadly, that is a very real potential. Such times, and the chaos, social unrest, and upheavels that would go along with it will, sadly, kill...and it will predominantly kill the poor wretches who have bought into the idea that government is the cure of all their ills, the great provider. They may never realizie that those very government programs and dependencies which they grasp to as a way of life, are the very weapons that have been crafted to destroy them.

But, even in the face of those dire, worst case scenarios...we can and must fight on. God in Heaven will open the doors, in His time, for us to restore what He established here in the first place, our Constitutional Republic. We must be ready, and worthy, to step through that door when the time at a time...and grasp our liberty, our blessing and birthright for our children, and their children, and their children. In order to do so, whether it is in the next five years, or fifty, we must educate and train them (our children and grandchildren) so they, should it fall to them, will do the same.

Never give in an inch. Make them fight for every bit...and then when given the opportunity, strike back and take and hold the ground we are given.

As Major General Winfield Scott Hancock said at Gettysburg, upon finding a defenisble positions, "this is good ground,"

May we find that "good ground," in our faith, our commitment to God in Heaven and His fundamental moral principles, and in our willingness to stand up and fight, and also in our willingness to, "Wait upon the Lord," so that we might ultimately, "Rise up as on wings of Eagles."

Jeff Head
November 9, 2012
Emmett, ID, USA








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