As a result of this week's (week of May 20, 2013) decision by the Boy Scouts of America to accept openly gay young men as members of the Boy Scouts, I sent the following letter/email to the orgnaization I have been a part of for so long:

Boy Scouts of America
May 24, 2013,

I was in Scouting as a youth. I have been a leader, including a Scout Master, and a member of our Scout Committee, serving as the Advancement chair on occassion. I have also donated to scouting my entire life.

As a result of your recent decision regarding openly gay youth being able to join scouting, I personally will not be giving any more monetary support, or of my time to the Boy Scouts of America.

I will also recommend that my children not enroll any of our grandsons into the much as it pains me, and as much as I regret the loss of this once great organization.

Part of Scouting is to be "morally straight." Those words have meaning. A gay life style is not "morally straight." Societal mores may change. But the truth does not...and you do not advance the truth by giving in to or accepting such behavior or inclinations and trying to call them "normal," or okay. Admitting a young man into the program who has sincerely indicated that he is actively trying to overcome that life style is one thing. But admtting "openly" gay young men into scouting, not asking or expecting them to change such immoral behavior, violates the very basis of scouting and I cannot and will not support it.

The homosexual community is now going to recruit 16-17 year old boys to become open members of the scouting organization. I do not want my 12-14 year old grandsons, or any other youth exposed to such individuals on campouts. Plain and simple. It is not worth the risk.

If you think this will not be discussed at camp out and events, and that such kids will not promote that life-style to other scouts through their are deluding yourselves.

My church, the LDS Church, will continue with the scout program within its own congregations until and unless Scouting accepts adult leaders who are homosexual. That is where the LDS Church has drawn its own line. The Church teaches that homosexuals can be members of the church as long as they are celebate in these desires. In other words, they can have urges, but if they resist temptation and rely on the atonementof Christ, then they can be members in good standing just as much as a heterosexual who resists temptation to commit fornication or adultery.

While I can understand this, and agree with it spiritually when it comes to young people who are serious about trying to overcome this deviant lifestyle...I cannot support it in scouting where the admission policy will allow "openly," gay scouts into the organization who have no intention of changing. This "open" admission policy will unavoidably and legally conflict with the church's desire to help influence young men away from this life style. There will be no avoiding it...and the homosexual community knows it and intends to exploit it. For this reason, and the reasons I just enumerated above, I personally cannot support the Boy Scouts of America any long as such a policy exists.

The Boy Scouts are a seperate, private organization apart from my church, who seek my private monetary support, and my time...and I will no longer give it.

Again, I simply cannot, and will not risk that set of circumstances on my own grandkids, or anyone else's if I can help it. And I can help it by not supporting either materially, monetarily, or with my time, an organization that has abdicated the moral high ground in order to retain large donations from organizations that have already embraced this homosexual agenda and its strawman, "sexual orientation" argurment. An organization who would now avoid what it considers adverse public relations generated by the homosexual community, at the expense of fundamental moral principle. Make no mistake, those are precisely the issues in play here.

As I said, the truth is the truth, and despite million dollar donations, or adverse publicity,"morally straight," means something. Something intrinsic that cannot and must not be auctioned off.

BSA, how could you?


Jeff Head
Emmett, ID

America is at the Crossroads of History, we cannot, and will not choose the right path if we abdicate eternal principles in order to avoid criticism by the liberal progressive elements in today's society who believe in amorality, and a moving set of societal mores. Our nation, our people, have been great historically precisely because we as a people, from our founding, embraced and upheld fundamental moral principal as enumerated to us through the Gosepl of Jesus Christ. Tolerant? yes. Abidating those pricniples to those who reject them? No.

God bless us as a people to return to our roots, and to elect individuals of high moral standing and courage who will hold those lines.




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