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February 23, 2012 (Updated February 27, 2012)
So, the week of February 14th, some terrorist and enemy combatant detainees in our Afghanistan detention and prison camps were using verses from the Korans that we had supplied to them to stir up more terror mindedness amongst the other detainees, making notes in their Korans to do so. Our forces took away those Korans and, based on the fact that in Islam you are not supposed to "descecrate" a Koran by writing in it, and that descecrated Korans had to be disposed of properly, we sent them to be burned.

Fundamentalist Islamics found out about this and began rioting. It is a staged and dangerous thing. They are rioting because the US was going to burn them...even though that is what is supposed to be done based on their own people's "desecration" of them. Two American soldiers were killed one day, and then a few days later, two more US personnel were gunned down in an official Afghanistan government office building and the perps are citing the burning of Korans as the reason. This latest in a building that is supposed to be protected by heavy security and only people we "know" are friendly allowed in. Our "brave," anti-American President, Barack Hussein Obama, apologized as a result, and now the Afghan President Karzai wants our people to be put on trial.

Apparently leaders of the NATO force are considering doing so!

Well, in my own opinion, we should tell Karzai, and Obama, and anyone who is "embarassed" by this straight where to go.

For Heaven's sake, we are treating these terrorists and enemy fighters that we capture with kid gloves. Like we are somehow the culprits here...and the President of the US is in the forefront of this attitude.

These prisoners should be in solitatiry confinement and subjected to strong interrogation techniques, yes, including water boarding, until we squeeze evey bit of info we can out of them.

Then, under the Geneva convention, as irregulars, they should be summarily executed.

If the populations around them don't like it and riot in protest and in support of the terrorist enemies, then we should treat them the same way we treated the German and Japanese populations in World War II who supported the Nazis and the Emperor...meaning we bomb and fire bomb their cities, towns, villages, and huts until they all abjectly surrender and want NO MORE of fundamental Islam.

Until they demand fundamentalists either leave their area or they hunt them down themselves and irradicate them to end our reprisals.

Thats how we defeated the Nazis and the Imperialists and we have had good Germans and good Japanese ever since.

It's past time we created "good" Islamics out of those fighting against us in the same manner. That's, IMHO, how this has to be handled or we will forever be fighting these terrorist insurgents and enemy fighters and their people because we do not have the will to humble and defeat them sufficiently to produce a disavowal of this wretched, 17th century ideology.

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