My letter to my GOP U.S. Senators (and the entire Senate) regarding the power of the filibuster

I have sent the following letter via eamil and fax to my two Senators from Idaho, Seantor Crapo and Senator-elect Risch. I am also sending it to all of the other 48 US Senators. In my estimation, it is time we informed all of our representatives, from the President on down, who they really work for and what our expectations of them are. In particular, since the US Senate does not have a filibuster proof majority, it is time that the GOP Senators stood up like patriots and statesmen, instead of the wiley, self-interested politicians so many of them act like, and make a stand for our republic and the fundamental principles upon which it has been founded. I encourage all Americans to write similar letters, urging the GOP senators to take a stand on principle and not allow socialistic, and anti-American legislation to pass, even if it means they have to hold up all legislation through the power of the filibuster.


Idaho U.S. Senators Mike Crapo and Senator-elect Jim Risch
November 8, 2008
CC: ALL US Senators
Washington, DC
RE: Principled Stand on the Issues of the day using the filibuster

Dear Senators Crapo and Senator-elect Risch,

I am writing this letter to you (to be delivered by email, fax, and the regular mail), to voice my support of the foundational principles that have preserved this nation's liberty, soveriegnty, integrity, prosperity, and peace throughout its history. These principles of sanctity for life, free markets, self-sufficiency, national soveriengty, self defense, individual worth and effort, and personal and societal accountability and responsibilty are bedrock principles to the well being of our Republic and society, and they are also under relentless assault from forces both external and internal to our nation.

In that regard, I am urging my own senators, and all senators...and particularly all GOP stand for these principles throughout the term of the incoming Obama administration, and particularly when coupling that administration with their DNC majorities in the house and the senate.

But particularly in the US Senate.

The democratic majority was unsuccessful in obtaining a filibuster-proof majority in the US Senate and this gives rise to a critical opportunity for the GOP to resist the sure-to-come abject efforts of the President and his majority to further undercut and weaken these critical prinicples, as they have promised to do, and that their party has been assaulting for many years under the false-flag guises of societal justice and equity through wealth redistribution, a woman's right to choose to kill her own unborn child, public safety to infringe second amendment rights, misplaced compassion to reward illegal aliens with citizenship, and any other number of carefully crafted marketing messages to advance their agenda in these areas.

In particular, Senators, I am urging everyone I know, relatives, neighbors, friends, and acquaintances, to write similar letters.

Stand on principle Senators...the principles enumerated above, and resist the majority in the Senate who will be seeking any number of legislative efforts to undermine these principles I have spoken of. We will gauge your performance accordingly and will either vote to keep you as stalwart defenders of our Constitutional Republic and the principles upon which is has been founded, or replace you with those who will do so accordingly.

Specifcally, use the power of the fillibuster to force the majority to either set-aside, or significantly compromise on their plans for all of the following:
  1. The Freedom of Choice Act which will re-fund abortion with federal monies and remove almost all restriction to this ghastly procedure.
  2. The proposed nationalization of 401K plans, eliminating them in favor of a federal program tied to the Social Security fund.
  3. Any Comprehensive Immigration legislation providing a path to citizenship for illegals already in this counrty.
  4. The Obama administration's plans for raising taxes, using the filibuster to get them to make permanent the Bush tax cuts instead.
  5. Any Obama plans to draw down our forces in Iraq or Afghanistan prematurely before our current military leaders feel it would be prudent to do so.
  6. Any effort to further erode or curtail individual rights to firearms, including any effort to reinstate the so-called Assault Weapon Ban.
  7. Any energy legislation that does not provide for rigorous development of our own resources, drilling here and drilling now, and at-home refining of our oil reserves off the coasts, in the oil shales, and in the ANWR.
  8. Any effort to accept signature of the Kyoto Protocol in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  9. Any effort to accept signature of the United Nations Law of the Sea.
I believe that we cannot, and must not, get into a trap of hoping the worst for our country in order to politically defeat our opposition, as the democrats have done for eight years regarding President Bush. Such a stance is completely counter productive and destructive to our nation and only leads to worse problems. So, I personally and sincerely wish the best for and pray for the Obama administration as they take office, that our nation will be well defended and prosper under their leadership.

But when plans are proposed that are contrary to those aims, then it not only becomes important to use reasoned dialog and whatever legal and political recourse available to us to resist such contrary plans, but it also becomes our patriotic and sacred duty to do so.

That duty can be discharged without rancor and without wishing ill on our nation or our opposition...but it can also be discharged directly, with confidence in the principles upon which we stand, in an unflinching manner, and with faith in God above.

I urge my own senators, the GOP senators inparticular, and all senators to discharge their duties to our nation and its citizens accordingly because we will also be watching and voting accordingly.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.


Jeff Head
Emmett, Idaho, USA


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